Prosecutor’s office provides details of ‘Mane’ Diaz’s alleged abduction

Prosecutor’s office provides details of ‘Mane’ Diaz’s alleged abduction

This Saturday morning, The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, provided details of the operation that led to the capture of the four accused kidnappers of Luis Manuel Díaz.Father of Colombian national team player Luis Diaz.

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According to the prosecutor, concrete progress was made in clarifying the kidnapping of the parents of soccer player Luis Fernando Díaz Marulanda, which occurred on October 28 in Barrancas (La Guajira).

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The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that as a result of the work carried out by the Special Prosecutors Team, the Technical Intelligence Unit (CTI) and the National Police, the three alleged kidnappers of Luis Manuel Díaz and Silenis will be arraigned. Guarantee Control Judges.

The captures were carried out early this morning in Maicao (La Guajira) and two of them, known by the aliases Marlon and El Negro, were captured.

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The prosecutor’s office points out that these two arrests are in addition to the arrest of Yertinson Jose Bolivar Bolivar alias Arenca on October 31 in Barrancas (La Guajira).

The man was part of a criminal group called ‘Los Primates’ and was charged with conspiracy to commit a crime.” said the prosecutor’s office.

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Along these lines, he pointed out that on November 7, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, he was deprived of liberty in prison.

ELN and criminal gangs

In the next few hours, the Kaula prosecutor of the Delicate Territorial Security will charge ‘Marlon’, ‘El Negro’ and ‘Arenca’ with crimes such as simple kidnapping, according to their participation in the events, according to the accused agency. and extortion and theft.

“The evidence shows that the accused will be involved

The planning and logistics of kidnapping a football player’s parents. “Apparently, they carried out surveillance and monitoring, knowing the movements of the victims and establishing a way for them to be tricked and then abducted,” the Attorney General’s Office said.


And he concluded, On investigation it was revealed that they and ELN company were involved in smuggling..

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