This is how I free up space on my iPhone without deleting anything

This is how I free up space on my iPhone without deleting anything

There are ways to get more space in iCloud without paying, though you’ll have to figure out how to manage everything

The situation is very common: for whatever reason, you cannot subscribe to an iCloud+ plan, and The rare 5GB of free space that Apple provides users limits you a lot. Your remedy here is to save features: save photos locally, back up your iPhone to your Mac… and avoid the cloud if possible.

But if content needs to be in the cloud, then You can resort to a simple trick that can help you. It’s something Apple would prefer us not to do, but it can serve us as a last resort if we get used to certain procedures.

Two Apple accounts are better than one, but you have to learn how to use them well

You can ask yourself the following, and with good reason: Is there really someone who doesn’t want to think about paying €0.99 per month for 50GB in iCloud+? More than unwillingness, it is inability. There are people, because of age They don’t have access to a debit card or payment method yet, but they still have the need to save things in the cloud. In addition, each person’s personal situation can affect.

To do this, the thing that can be done is Create a second Apple account-Register an additional Apple ID. So you can earn 5GB of additional space in the cloud and “play” with both accounts to share your available space.

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Now, on iPhones, you can only sign in with one Apple Account at a time. And The idea is not to constantly log out and log in between two accountsBecause it is very inconvenient and leads to a lot of confusion. If this is what you plan to do, I would advise against it.

What you can do is use your main Apple account (the one you have already set up) to configure it on your devices and Another “support”. To store data in that extra 5GB it adds.

How to create and manage an “extra” Apple Account.

As I said before, the idea is not to sign out of the Apple ID that you have already set up on your iPhone. Therefore, we will go to this site To create a completely new Apple account without having to touch the settings of our devices.

To create it You’ll need an email account that isn’t used by another Apple ID. You can use any email account that you don’t use often but remember the credentials to access it. You will also need to enter your phone number to receive a verification code. Don’t worry, you can use what you already have.

Fill in the information that the site requests from you throughout the process. The account will be officially created when you receive the verification code and enter it upon request.

Once you create the “extra” account, it doesn’t matter if you stay signed in with your main account on your Apple devices. From any of them You can access the new account through the iCloud website. You can access it From this link And log in with your new credentials:

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From this website, you can upload, manage and download all types of data with their corresponding applications. Here is my advice:

  • Keep essential data (contacts, calendar, email, notes, reminders, purchases, password keychain, app downloads, and any documents you can) on your primary Apple ID.
  • Use your secondary Apple ID as “Store”– Upload data such as files to iCloud Drive and photos that you want to access from anywhere. All you have to do is access the iCloud Drive and Photos sections of the website to do so.

This way you can easily upload or download files and photos from this iCloud location, without any other syncing complications that other data may cause. With the main account, you can configure and secure your devices, as well as download apps. With the secondary device you have this extra 5GB “tray” where you can store data.

The final advantage you get by doing this is that you also get an optional email address, which you may be able to take advantage of in some way. Remember, the most convenient thing is to purchase additional space on your main Apple ID The ideal situation is to manage everything with just one account, but in situations where this is not possible, you can always resort to this trick.

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