“We will fight the People’s Party”: the leadership of the National Progress Party confirms the vote for 2024

“We will fight the People’s Party”: the leadership of the National Progress Party confirms the vote for 2024

Rio Grande – With letters in which they emphasized that the NPP (pnp) is the only community that advocates and promotes island statehood, and in the importance of casting a vote for La Palma in 2024, thousands of neo-progressives celebrated their solemn gathering on Sunday to close out their annual conference.

The moment was seized by the head of the National Party and the conservative, Peter Pierluisi, to ensure that he aspires to a second term. Immediately, he was confident that he would win the next election and that he would give the PDP a “peel.”

“What I say, I do. So, I’m sure we’ll keep the state. We’ll keep the police station (Washington resident). We’ll get the vast majority of the mayoral position. We will take back the legislature and we will fight the People’s Party and everyone who devote himself to criticism and does nothing”, Pierluisi said in his letter to the Penepés after closing to the State Council meeting at the hotel. Hyatt Regency Grand ReserveAnd the in the Rio Grande.

Without naming names, Pierluisi criticized those who “deprived the people of trained secretaries, competent judges and good prosecutors through absolutist politics”. With these measures, he said, “what they seek is to destabilize Puerto Rico.”

“I tell all of them that I am not intimidated, nor distracted. I focus on granting the Puerto Rican government”Head of La Palma said.

Before reaching the microphone, the moment was shown to present a video in which almost all of the former presidents of La Palma appeared, including Ricardo Rossello, who participated in the event.

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“There is no one to stop us,” this phrase was constantly repeated by Pierluisi, who reiterated that during the remainder of the four-year period and the following period “work” would appear for the country.

And before his message, he was preceded by the Vice-President of the National Progressive Party, Carlos “Johnny” Mendes s Thomas Rivera SchatzAnd the And the latter was the most praised by the hosts.

Mendez shouted, met with applause from the audience: “I am proud to be Penepé!”

He referred to the character of Luis A Ferret, Jose Celso Barbosa, Pierluisi and the Resident Commissioner in Washington, Jennifer Gonzalez.

“This game is back as it ought to be. It is back that our flag is the ideal of the state, that what we seek is to promote the ideal of the state and we have a committed ruler, with a committed resident commissioner. With the Benigni Chamber in settlement, said the former Chamber President, With a disintegrating senate in Benigni to realize the dream of Barbosa, but for that we have to keep iterating, talking about good government in the hands of the PNP.”

Meanwhile, Rivera Schatz asserted that the PNP was undergoing a complete reorganization and attacked the PDP by blaming it for the bankruptcy of the Puerto Rican government.

“La Palma to say the present again and we have to defeat them in 2024,” said a beaming Rivera Schatz.

He referred to alliances brewing between the various parties, recent marches against Pierluisi’s public policies and public demonstrations against him at mega-events.

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“We statesmen march, dance in concerts, but vote and win in 2020 with the palm and the country. Let the march come, let the party come and let the vote for La Palma come again in 2024detained.

Rivera Schatz spoke of the gap between voters who vote for statehood and those who support the PNP at the polls.

It is good that the country gets more votes. But I want to say to every good statesman, every good Puerto Rican who truly believes in and defends statehood with his vote that only with a government and a party that believes in statehood can we advance it. You have to vote for La Palma to ensure the state. He said that the government of the Popular Party or any other party would not defend the state.

Rivera Schatz in his letter did not forget to mention the PNP mayors, who wore bright orange shirts.

On the other hand, the governor alluded to the work he did during his administration with federal funds. This is attributed to the decrease in the unemployment rate, the increase in the salaries of public sector employees, the increase in achievement and economic development. He referred to the Vieques Hospital, the construction of which has not yet begun, which caused the executive authority of the island’s municipality, Juan “Junito” Corsinostood to applaud.

“When the PNP rules, Puerto Rico is ahead. This is the fourth year in the business. You already see it. Everyone on our island is watching it. Over $1 billion in CDBG-DR money has been spent.”

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Before messages from NPP leaders, the hosts unanimously approved three resolutions introduced in support of the governor’s efforts, the Washington-based commissioner, and delegates to establish a state for Congressional bill promoting a popular referendum with federal approval, to reconfirm. Public policy to improve the health and conditions of health professionals, and the designation of the Institute of Statistics as Juan R Melicio.

The state assembly had a quorum of 93% of its members, which exceeds 680. The council is made up of the senior leadership of the NPP at the municipal and state levels.

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