West Ham 2-1 Tottenham: Is Jose Mourinho still the best in the world? Fellow “dinosaur” David Moyes struck him

West Ham 2-1 Tottenham: Is Jose Mourinho still the best in the world?  Fellow “dinosaur” David Moyes struck him

Challenger Jose Mourinho insisted his coaching methods were “nobody” after Tottenham’s defeat to West Ham, but, judging by this season’s evidence, he’s not even the best former Manchester United coach in London.

Both are ranked dinosaurs when they leave Old Trafford, West Ham’s David Moyes rebuilds his reputation with every game, while Mourinho’s diminishing return with Tottenham underscores suspicion that his charm is dwindling.

Moyes returned to East London in December 2019, a month after Mourinho took charge of Tottenham, and there’s no question who has done the best job since then.

The Scot inherited one point above the relegation zone, with a mandate to keep the Hammers in the First Division, but yesterday’s 2-1 win, Moyes’ first victory over Mourinho and concluding with goals from Michel Antonio and Jesse Lingard, propelled them to victory. The first four.

The European Tour – even the first-ever Champions League round – looks increasingly realistic.

West Ham has often felt like a club on the cusp of crisis, with disparate elements moving in different directions, but Moyes alone from top to bottom, improving every aspect of his team.

The brothers’ group spirit was once again exemplified by midfielder Thomas Sochik, who played despite having a bloodied head in the first half, and Declan Rice, who denied Tottenham an equalizer.

“The mentality has completely changed and I think you can see that on the field,” Rice said.

In contrast, Mourinho appears to have improved quite a bit at Tottenham in the past 15 months and it appears that some of his squad lack confidence and are actively deteriorating.

West Ham reports 2-1 Tottenham and Kelpatrick

He inherited a team in the middle of the table, 11 points from fourth place, but their fifth defeat in their last six league matches leaves them nine points from the Hammers and with the manager admitting that ending their Champions League positions would be “too”. Difficult”.

While Moyes created a West Ham team larger than the sum of its parts, Mourinho’s Tottenham continues to rely on individuals, which is confirmed by the influence of substitute Gareth Bale, who provided the consolation of Lucas Moura and almost inspired the return.

The difference between the two clubs is also reflected in the defenses. Tottenham fell again due to errors, with Eric Dyer seizing the ball as he watched an early goal by Antonio and Davinson Sanchez at sea while Lingard continued his impressive start in London by doubling the home side’s lead seconds into the second half.

On the other hand, Dawson was impressive, as he blocked Tottenham’s best chance in the first half with a brave block to block Harry Kane.

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