Western Union enables Walmart affiliates to send money transfers

Western Union enables Walmart affiliates to send money transfers

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Analysts believe that with the presidency of Democrat Joe Biden, transfers to Cuba could be resumed via WU

Western Union enables Walmart affiliates to send money transfers

Western Union enables Walmart affiliates to send money transfers. (Photo: Cuban newspaper)

Western Union LLC Walmart They have partnered with the remittance giant to open service branches at Walmart supermarket facilities across the United States.

This alliance was implemented for the first time in history with the aim of bringing “Western Union money transfer and payment services” together so that “millions of customers” expand the options for attending a Western Union branch, as announced in a statement from the money transfer company.

Services will include domestic and international money transfers, bill payments and postal orders. All of this will be operational at more than 4,700 Walmart stores in the United States as of spring 2021.

Walmart customers in the United States will have the ability to transfer money to their relatives and loved ones almost anywhere in the world, given that Western Union has more than 550,000 stores in more than 200 countries and territories.

“We are excited to work alongside the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, to provide the best payment services and money transfer capabilities to more clients in the US and around the world,” said Jean-Claude Farah, President of Western Union’s Global Network.

With Western Union’s cross-border platform and currencies reaching more than 200 countries and regions …

Posted before Western Union at Tuesday 19 January 2021

Walmart supermarkets serve more than 265 million customers every week with 11,400 stores located in 26 countries and e-commerce sites.

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For Cubans residing in the United States, the news will not have practical implications until Western Union can resume services to Cuba. It was suspended last November As a result of the US government ban.

Donald Trump’s administration incorporated the Blacklisted by the Treasury Department of the Cuban state company FincimexTo take control of the Castro regime’s army. This financial entity was the only Western Union business partner operating in Cuba, forcing the American company to close more than 400 enterprises it had across the island.

Many analysts believe that with the arrival of Democrat Joe Biden, this problem could be solved by flowing remittances into Cuba through Western Union as they have for the past 20 years.

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