What a tragedy they will find! FGR asks Interpol for a red card to search and find Laura Bosco

What a tragedy they will find!  FGR asks Interpol for a red card to search and find Laura Bosco

The Republican Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has demanded an Interpol red card to track down TV presenter Laura Bosco. There is an arrest warrant for the crime of tax evasion Federal Government Information Sources.

Last Wednesday, A federal judge linked the Peruvian driver to the alleged process of being fined 12 million pesos. Obtained through improper sale of a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Guaranteed payment of debt for 13 million pesos.

At the FGR’s request, the trial judge justified the detention against Poso, and so on It gave him 48 hours to report to the detention center Restoration Social Santiago, In Almoloya, State of Mexico.

The deadline expired last Friday and the TV presenter did not appear in jail To bring the case against her in prison, a federal judge issued an arrest warrant against the driver and began proceedings to issue a FGR red card and she is wanted in more than 190 countries for appearing before Mexican justice.

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