What are the symptoms and why do bunions appear | Health | magazine

What are the symptoms and why do bunions appear |  Health |  magazine

These disorders of your feet can cause serious effects if you do not treat them in time, even surgical intervention.

the juanete It is a deformity that occurs in the big toe. Although its origin is very common, in most cases it is not given the importance it requires in order to be in an advanced state.

With the passage of time and as a result of the patient’s age, it is only natural to see how infamous his development is; It causes pain and in some cases is more severeSurgical correction is necessary.

Many people currently have bunions, which is an inflammation of the bony lining of the joint that sits between the big toe with the bone itself.

Bunions occur when some of the bones in the forefoot slip out of place. This causes the tip of the big toe to point at the smaller toes and forces the joint at the base of the big toe to stick out, according to Health Portal. Mayo Clinic.

By inquiring about the causes, one finds Wearing tight, tight shoes. Bunions can also develop as a result of the shape of the foot, deformity of the foot, or a disease such as arthritis. TRheumatologist Carlos Chiriboga It may also be due to genetic reasons, he adds. In general, they appear from the fourth decade of life.

between your treatmentsDr. Chiriboga recommends:

  • Orthotics: Use a toe separator. The calendar that is used between the first and second finger is used at night when sleeping.
  • surgical: Perform corrective surgery.

At the same time, recommend Avoid pointed shoes and high heels. between the home remedies Use a toe spacer (between the first and second toes) too Correction of the entire spine, for a correct footprint, proper lift and balance on the rally. (F)

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