What do you mean by stealth address in cryptocurrency?

What do you mean by stealth address in cryptocurrency?


Stealth address is an infamous but frequently used technology in the cryptocurrency community. Stealth addresses are meant to intensify the anonymity of a cryptocurrency transaction. You can also visit crypto bot to avail a deep analysis of bitcoin trading. A digital currency wallet address is correspondingly famous as a public address, which depicts the nature of these alphanumeric codes.

In case you have attached any personal information with the wallet address. People can easily trace your wallet transactions, which is why investors and traders use stealth addresses. Stealth address is not just an external technology as it is an integral part of many virtual currencies networks, especially privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. Here listed is everything you should know about privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.

The understanding notion of stealth address!

A stealth address refers to a technology that hides transactions from the public electronic ledger by creating a one-time wallet address for every transaction.

Usually, cryptocurrency wallets only offer a single wallet address to the users, leading to prospects of getting traced by people.

Blockchain networks do not incur utterly anonymous transactions. In short, if a user has connected personal information with a particular cryptocurrency wallet, other users can trace the user identity with the help of a wallet address.

Stealth addresses are not very famous in the cryptocurrency community. Still, stealth addresses have acquired traction from more prominent community players due to some hacks and scams.

The technology has faced many strict regulations from the government authorities as it is accused of facilitating digital currency transactions for funding criminalized activities.

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Understanding the concept of stealth address!

An electronic ledger confers a similar notion as a distributed database analogous to a pooled set of information incurring the information regarding both sender and receiver. Every user can have access to this public database. Each cryptocurrency transaction needs different addresses, first from the sender and second from the receiver. The transaction does not incur any personal details about the sender or receiver as no cryptocurrency network is meant to record it.

However, no cryptocurrency transactions with a blockchain with public source code are equipped with utter anonymity. In short, blockchain is not entirely efficient in preserving user identity. If people discover the actual identity of a wallet address owner, then further transactions will be equipped with zero anonymity.

How is stealth addressed by a different concept?

As discussed above, each cryptocurrency transaction demands two wallet addresses, one from the sender and the receiver. A wallet address on a public cryptocurrency network is public nature, and there are prospects that people can trace the user’s identity. The concept of stealth address came into live-action in 2014, and Peter Todd discovered the technology. Peter Todd discovered the stealth address for a good cause, but hackers and scammers started to use it for executing illegal operations without leaving a single trace.

Whenever a user utilizes the stealth address, the public ledger stores transactions and enters a substitute wallet address, making it a different public address, a user can confer different rules, regulations, and protocols to generate a stealth address.

There are numerous protocols to develop a stealth address. For example, the utmost famous privacy-focused cryptocurrency network, Monero, uses Ring CT to create stealth addresses for every transaction.

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We are raising concerns regarding stealth addresses!

Undeniably cryptocurrency stealth addresses are excellent to enhance the anonymity of virtual coins transactions, but it correspondingly gains the attention of hackers. Hackers are immensely using this technology to confuse trackers. Due to the increasing use of stealth addresses, government authorities have limited this technology to only innocent cryptocurrency users.

Earlier, people used privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and stealth addresses heavily used by the bad actors to avoid paying necessary taxes. Many privacy-focused cryptocurrencies are using this technology to make their network more anonymous, which is why hackers, criminals, and scammers were found using these virtual coins. The use of cryptocurrencies in any manner to fund illegal activities declines the credibility of this market. Cryptocurrency addresses are analogous to stealth addresses as they are correspondingly alphanumeric.

The above-listed portion describes everything you should know about stealth addresses. Stealth address is majorly used in privacy-focused digital currencies. Monero and dash are two famous privacy-focused cryptocurrencies using this technology.

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