‘Best gift’: Alex Fernandez shares first photo of his newborn daughter Mia

‘Best gift’: Alex Fernandez shares first photo of his newborn daughter Mia

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After it was announced this afternoon that Alex Fernandez and his wife Alexia Hernandez They became parents for the first time, The proud father could not stop sharing with his followers the first photos from the moment he met his little girl.

I am officially the happiest man in the universe!!! Thank you my love for the best gift “, He wrote at the bottom of a photo of him holding Alejandro Fernandez’s second granddaughter in his arms.

His sister America Fernandez, Mariana Gonzalez, girlfriend of his uncle Vicente Fernandez Jr., friends and colleagues from the media responded to the tender post.

Alex Fernandez announced the birth of his daughter Mia
Photo: @alexfernandez.g

for this part, Alexia Hernandez He also used his Instagram account to welcome his daughter Mia, He was born on Thursday in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

“I love you my dear!!! Charu, thank you for my princess.” The new mother wrote in a postcard description from inside a hospital operating room.

Alexia Hernandez dedicated a love letter to her daughter
Photo: @alexfernandez.g

Alex Fernandez and Alexia Hernandez They got married in a private ceremony in Puerto Vallarta on June 24, 2021And although the idea of ​​uniting their lives in a religious ceremony was always present in their plans as a married couple, it was not possible, first due to the deteriorating health of Vicente Fernández that ended his life and then due to the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 virus, but it is expected that it will be end of this year.

Alex and Alexia got married in June 2021
Photo: Instagram @alexfernandez.g

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