What happened in girls’ basketball? The match between Malfin and Bohemius not played – Dedication – 20/02/2021

What happened in girls’ basketball?  The match between Malfin and Bohemius not played – Dedication – 20/02/2021

The Women’s Basketball League Once again it was the victim of organizational and planning problems Uruguayan Basketball Federation (FUBBAfter entering the match Malvin s Bohemians, Which corresponds to the Golden Cup semi-finals, cannot be played.

what happened? 25 ‘peak between Shirts s The bimaronas It was scheduled for Thursday at 9:15 pm Sports Community Space “1952 Helsinki and 1956 Melbourne Olympics” But it cannot be played.

Reason? Rulers Diego Borghini s Andres Bustillo They were not present at this climax that was going to put an end to the first semifinals of the Gold Cup The meeting was suspended for the fifth time since weather conditions in previous meetings prevented the meeting from being an open place.

Borghini, Who was discovered on the same night, arrived 35 minutes later than agreed time, according to Basquettotal.com, when both Malvín and Bohemios had already decided not to play the top.

The referee charged that FUBB never warned him that he was assigned to this semi-final round but contact reached him that he would be part of the tournament shortlist. First Uruguayan Basketball League Final between Aguada and Malvin.

The climax would have started with the shirts winning 30 to 10 leaving 4’49 ” by the end of the second quarter but it was not even played.

On Friday, and FUBB He explained the situation with a statement stating that “this was due to an internal administrative error from our federation. There was no responsibility for the participating clubs, referees or the women’s league table.”

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He concluded by saying, “We ask all participants to apologize for the case and we assure that they will work hard so that this kind of thing does not happen again.” FUBB In your statement.

According to the Women’s Basketball League equipment, Malvin s Bohemians This Sunday should be played at 7:30 PM, while it’s 9:30 PM peak in between August 25 s Yale.

Tonight, in the meantime, it will be there Basketball In the Sports Community Space “Olympic Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956” with the match between The rowers, Who is looking for a ticket to the Silver Cup Final, and water, Who wants to impose the third match, from 19:30, while at 21:30, it will be measured Sporting defender s Hebraica McCabe.

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