What is Node JS and What are the Benefits?

What is Node JS and What are the Benefits?

The increasing demand for the Node JS course gave rise to curiosity in the mind of young developers. In one decade, Node JS managed to bring the world’s biggest revenue-generating websites under its umbrella. The current statistics indicate that Node JS is not coming to a halt anytime soon. Therefore, it is wise to go with the trend, know about this exponentially growing tool and why it is important to pursue Node JS course.

Let us start from the basics. The textbook definition of Node JS is “Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment”. Let us break it down for you:

  • Node JS is a JavaScript framework that provides a virtual environment for developers to test their code.
  • Open-source: Developers can easily edit the source code of Node JS according to their requirements.
  • Cross-platform: Node JS is independent software that isn’t limited to a particular operating system.

Now that you know about Node JS, let’s start with its advantages over its competitors. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Node JS. Let’s get started.

Node JS is Easy

The only thing that holds you back from learning a new skill is its difficulty level. Nobody wants to start with another complex programming language all over again. Well, Node JS can be quite intimidating when you look at the complex tasks it handles with such efficiency. However, contrary to common belief, Node JS is way easier than it looks.

Just like any other advanced skill, it has its requirements. JavaScript and object-oriented programming are its must-haves. Once they get hold of these skills, Node JS is not a far dream. As you move further in this article, you will realize that everything you put into learning Node JS, will be worth it.

Node JS is Simple

After decades of web development, companies were still using different programming languages for front-end development and back-end development. The idea of using only one language for full-stack development was out of the equation until Node JS stepped in.

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Developers face many challenges in every project. Node JS can make their life simple as it leads to less code, less compilation, and fewer files. No need to switch back and forth between programming languages, you will have everything in one place.

It might be a little less convincing for stable web development firms but it is a big deal for startups. It significantly slices down the number of developers required as well as the development time.

Node JS is Fast

Node JS is fast in every aspect- fast development, fast deployment, fast delivery, and fast websites. As a startup, every minute counts. The company that will offer minimum time-to-market will bag most of the projects. Even from a business perspective, the websites that launch the earliest will get immediate feedback. The head-start that they achieved by fast deployment will help them in establishing in the competitive market.

Even as a person traversing through websites randomly, you will instantly revert from any slow-loading website. A website has only the first few seconds to grab the attention of the customers. You don’t want those first seconds to be a revolving circle.

MVP development

Every business idea is not well received by customers. By the time investor realize that it is too late to step back. It will be amazing if every business project can get a demo before investing a fortune in it. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is beta software that is deployed for recording feedback. Developers equip it with basic features or one advanced feature that is enough to let it hit the market. The software acquires statistics that will decide if the project is worth investing. Node JS enables developing an MVP to test the waters before going all out.

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Node JS is Scalable

Scalability is something you should look for in the current IT industry. If you are not scalable, you will be outdated even before you know it. No matter how perfect your website is, you should always have room to grow. Scalability is one of the biggest selling points of Node JS. Even the main idea of Node JS was to offer a more scalable alternative than Apache. Node JS is free from any limiters. You can scale up whenever you want. Also, you are free to add any new modules.

Node JS is High-Performance

Google’s Chrome V8 engine is the main reason for lightning-speed execution and execution of JavaScript at Node JS. Instead of working on the client-side, chrome v8 provides Node JS with a server-side runtime environment. The faster compilation is achieved by removing the interpretation process and directly executing JavaScript into Machine Code.

Node JS can manage multiple requests with utmost efficiency. Any request which can’t be processed immediately is withheld and executed later. Node JS doesn’t block other requests because of one request. All the asynchronous operations are managed by event loops, which perform a large number of operations without using excess memory and resources.

Real-Time Applications

Winning over your customers is the best way to seal the deal. Real-time interaction with customers is the online way of making potential buyers into regular customers. Games, social media, online shopping, with real-time communication can make the experience more interactive.

Making dynamic websites or applications with real-time responsive functions is a fascinating idea. However, it is easier said than done. Real-time applications require a constant connection between the user, client, and servers. The main challenge lies in handling hundreds, thousands of users simultaneously. You need a fast and powerful I/O for the same. Node JS is the obvious choice for developing real-time applications.

Node JS uses JavaScript Everywhere

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As of now, JavaScript is irreplaceable as a front-end programming language. Once you master JavaScript, you need to learn one server-side language to become a full-stack web developer. At this point, you can invest your time and money in learning any server-side language or you can enhance your JavaScript skills.

Node JS uses JavaScript on the back-end as well as front-end. Therefore, you can be a full-stack developer without learning any more languages. Having a common language throughout the website helps in synchronization and smooth data exchange.

Node JS is Tried and Tested

There must be a lot of people out there who uphold the policy of “old is gold”. Well, your sceptical nature is reasonable but Node JS is not something new. There are plenty of companies using Node JS and generating revenue in billions. Let me name some of the giants that are using Node JS:

  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • Uber
  • Walmart

Node JS is not a beginner in the technical industry. It is a mature and tested tool.

Strong Corporate and Community Support

Node JS has a very supportive community that will encourage you to learn more. There are so many online forums that will help you with your Node JS problems. Web developers from around the world are willing to help beginners all the time.

Not only experienced developers, but also corporate giants like Microsoft, SAP, PayPal, Fidelity, and IBM facilitate the development as well as the adoption of Node JS. These companies organized a Node JS foundation in 2015 to speed up the development of Node JS.

The benefits of Node JS are not limited to the above-given points. The trust of leading companies that are using Node JS is proof of its calibre. However, it takes a lot more than average to be the best. Node JS course from KnowledgeHut can be your first stepping stone. All the best!

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