Corona virus: Travel rules after entering the UK’s second lockout on Thursday | UK News

Corona virus: Travel rules after entering the UK’s second lockout on Thursday |  UK News

People in the UK are being told to avoid all non-essential travel in the UK and abroad as part of the new monthly lockout.

This means that from November 5 to December 2, foreign holidays and overnight stays are prohibited in the UK.

The government’s decision to impose a second Corona virus Locking up in the UK November travel plans will leave thousands disappointed.

What happens if you are already abroad and people have the right to a refund?

Sky News answers all your travel questions here.

Can I go on vacation?

No. The government has said people in the UK should stay home during the lockout period if they do not receive work, school, medical appointments or food and essentials.

Staying away from your home during the holidays and overnight – or your support bubble – is prohibited. This includes traveling to a second home in the UK or abroad.

Those in the UK will only be allowed to leave the UK if they come to work.

What if I sign up to leave before November 5th?

The UK lockdown starts on Thursday, November 5th, so the rules only apply from 0.01am onwards.

This means you can fly out of the UK before then, but you may be subject to isolation when you reach your destination and when you return.

Although airlines operate normal flight schedules before the lockout is imposed, they will be greatly reduced in November.

So if you return to the UK during the lockout, your travel plans are likely to be affected.

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Boris Johnson has announced plans for a month-long lockout in the UK from Thursday to December 2nd

What if I am already abroad?

People already living abroad in the UK are not forced to travel home before being locked up.

Passenger flights arriving home before November 5 will be able to travel normally as they operate at regular capacity.

But those who have to come home after that will have their travel plans disrupted as fewer flights are running.

You should only isolate if your return destination is not on the UK travel sidewalk list.

If I can’t go on vacation, can I get a refund?

Most flights departing from airports in the UK will land during the lock-in period as only people traveling for work will be allowed to fly.

If your flights are not running or you have a package vacation booked abroad and you cannot go, you are entitled to a refund.

According to European law, travelers traveling to or from the UK can get a refund within a week if their flight is canceled.

If you book a package vacation with Jet 2 or Tui, both operators have agreed to a full refund within two weeks.

Packages booked with other operators should be specifically checked with them.

If your flights are still advanced – for example, British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair have stated that they can run up to 30% capacity during locking – you have no legal right to withdraw money.

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Some airlines use vouchers for a date instead.

How long does it take to get my money back?

All UK travelers are protected by European law, which refunds flights within 14 days and full refunds on holidays.

But since the outbreak of the corona virus, travel companies have faced an unprecedented demand for a refund, and it has taken weeks or months for people to get their money back.

Can I claim on travel insurance?

When the corona virus infection becomes a “known event”, you can only get travel insurance back if you take out your policy or book a trip before March 2020.

Will airports be closed?

No. The UK does not close its borders, so people will be allowed to travel by air in the UK and abroad for work.

But with so much demand declining, airlines are significantly reducing their flight schedules, so booking a flight can be difficult.

Will the travel corridors continue?

Travel corridors are not mentioned in the Prime Minister’s lockout notice, but they are likely to continue for returning passengers.

So, if you land in the UK from a country with a corridor, you will not be isolated for 14 days as that country is locked up.

If your destination is on an isolated list, you should not leave your home for 14 days – even for reasons permitted by the new measures.

Are Hotels, Hostels and Vacation Rentals Open?

Hotels and inns are allowed to pick up guests traveling for work or only one exception to the “stay at home” rule.

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The government has not yet set guidelines for holiday rent, but if guests are staying for work or they cannot prove another reason allowed by law, they are forced to close.

When can I go abroad again?

The Prime Minister has said that localized restrictions in the UK – or deployed system – will resume on December 2.

This means most parts of Britain can go abroad again – but those at high risk will be strongly advised not to do so.

Are things different in other parts of the UK?

Large parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all currently locked up.

All three countries do not close their borders, but have similar restrictions on international travel to the UK – allowing people to go abroad only for work or a limited number of other reasons.

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