What is the vaccine rate against Govt-19 in these Latin American countries?

What is the vaccine rate against Govt-19 in these Latin American countries?

(CNN Espanol) – 39.7% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the Govit-19 vaccine. The rate is rising on the American continent: 53.90% of the South American population and at least 53.36% of the North American population are slightly vaccinated, according to our global data. According to statistics collected by our world with a cut-off date of August 29, how is the vaccination rate in some Latin American countries on the morning of Monday, August 30):

  • Uruguay 76.25%
  • Chile 74.85%
  • 62.45% in Brazil
  • Panama 61.70%
  • Argentina 60.84%
  • Costa Rica 58.95%
  • Ecuador 55.82%
  • El Salvador 53.37%
  • Dominican Republic 52.86%
  • Cuba 47.85%
  • Colombia 44.82%
  • Mexico 44.10%
  • Guyana 39.07%
  • Belize 37.66%
  • Suriname 34.00%
  • Bolivia 32.34%
  • Paraguay 31.40%
  • Peru 30.11%
  • Honduras 26.78%
  • Venezuela 20.92%
  • Guatemala 17.85%
  • Nicaragua 6.61%
  • Haiti 0.23%
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By comparison, Spain is somewhat 77.52% vaccinated (according to our World Statistics for August 26), beating Uruguay and Chile by a few percentage points for the first time.

The United States has 60.88% more people vaccinated than Brazil and Panama.

Cuba is more advanced than Australia, with 46.82% of its population being partially vaccinated.

Colombia and Mexico also surpass New Zealand’s vaccination rate, which stands at 38.72% (most recent data updated on August 24).

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