Lucerito Mijares shows off his lip-syncing ability and drives his fans crazy

Lucerito Mijares shows off his lip-syncing ability and drives his fans crazy

slowly, Lucerto Megaris It shows that he has diverse talents, not only in sports, but also as a singer and on a technical level. Now the youngest daughter of Lucero And Manuel Megaris Show off a new skill, it’s about mastering lip syncing. The little girl was part of a special performance in the musical crazy cage During the break he took the opportunity to play with one of his teammates and his friend, Jerry Perez BrownWith whom he pretended to play the opera strings.

“Ayy te amooo,” the young woman wrote in the comments to the aforementioned audiovisual program announced by Perez Brown on his Instagram account.

The compliments to the emerging singer and her friend were quick. “I love you, kisses from Brazil”; “What a voice”; “they are the best”; “she’s amazing” ; “They are a couple of horror. I adore them,” and “That’s it!!!!!! Without fear of anything, joy!!!” , were some comments.

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“Lucerito gestures, just like his mother, very beautiful,” “We need a program with you two please, gentlemen, producers, new people”; “So handsome”; “I want a friend like your friend Lucerito”; They added “how cute they are”, “friendship of the year” and “how good they are”.

It is clear that Lucerito Mijares is gaining the public’s attention thanks to his own efforts and the recognition of the qualities he inherited from his famous parents. While consolidating as a professional, Lucero stated that the girl would not be able to work in music until she completed her studies, would that be possible with her daughter’s obvious talent? Time will give the answer.

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