What Makes Offshore Online Casinos in Canada So Successful?

What Makes Offshore Online Casinos in Canada So Successful?

After years of legal opposition, Canada finally licensed single-event betting last year. The new law means you can bet on individual sports matches in football, hockey, basketball and other sports.

Before Canada licensed single-sports betting, Canadians were only allowed to bet on parlays—multiple games added to one slip. Most provinces also allow online casino games through government-operated websites.

However, these sites aren’t as popular as offshore casino websites. What makes overseas online casinos so successful in Canada?

Great Security and Trustworthiness

Offshore casinos in Canada operate from countries with strict gambling regulations. More than half of them run with offices in Malta, where they get their licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The MGA requires all operators seeking its license to secure their websites using SSL encryption. They also need to secure user accounts through passwords and Two-Factor Authentication. What’s more, these sites must follow strict GDPR guidelines.

On the other hand, offshore casinos have become increasingly transparent and trustworthy. You can deposit money through your Toronto-based bank to a casino in Malta stress-free.

And if you’re doubtful about a casino’s trustworthiness, you can always read online reviews from experts and fellow Canadians.

Clever Marketing Through Casino Bonuses

Offshore casinos don’t bombard Canadians with TV and social media ads. Instead, they invite them to try out free slot machines through no deposit free spins. Or they promise to double every player’s first deposit.

Now, not every Canadian might be ready to spend money at an online casino. But if a casino gives out $20 to everyone who creates a free account, a lot of people get interested.

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The same thing applies to 100% first deposit bonus. Some people might feel a $20 bankroll is small. But if a casino is willing to double it, they can complete the first deposit.

That said, casino bonuses are not seasonal. There is no lack of offers or online casino bonuses at the best-rated websites. We’re talking about both welcome and loyalty bonuses like:

  • Cash backs
  • VIP Points
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Missions and Quests
  • Weekly competitions

User-friendly Web Designs

Lately, there’s an emphasis for websites to create platform designed with users in mind. Casinos in Canada have been taking the advice seriously because nearly all online operators have professionally designed websites.

The casinos might differ in the speed of customer service and payouts. But it’s rare to find a modern casino site with a poorly designed website. The best platforms keep things simple and neat.

Web pages load fast. Navigating from one section to the other is straightforward and most sites have a search feature to filter games and services you want.

Importantly, today’s casinos in Canada all create their sites with mobile players in mind. Over 70% of Canadians own smartphones and use them to play online games. Naturally, this means they prefer to gamble at mobile-friendly casinos.

Some operators allow their customers to download apps on android and iOS devices. But the they fall in the minority—the new trend is to offer casino services through mobile websites.

 Fast and Safe Payments

One of the reasons Canadians trust offshore casinos is due to the improved quality of banking. Back when sending checks to casinos was a thing, numerous checks would get lost along the way. Bank transfer was an alternative but it was equally slow and hard to trace.

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Nowadays, casinos have adapted quicker ways of deposits and withdrawing your profits. You can use digital wallets like PayPal and Google Pay. They charge negligible fees; process payments instantly and even offer chargebacks.

If you dislike e-wallets, there’s the choice to use your usual credit/debit card. Another option is Bitcoin. Some sites also accept e-Checks—the faster, digital version of traditional checks.

Where casinos vary is the payment options they provide, specific fees, limits and payout speeds. You must get involved to select the ideal casino for you. The best sites don’t charge for deposits. You can transact between $10 and $10,000 and receive your money within a couple of days.

A Wide Range of Games

If you’re a Canadian, you can play virtually all available casino games online. Let’s start with slots. You can play slots from leading developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, BTG, Play’n GO and Playtech.

If you compare USA to Canada, only a handful of these developers have licenses to operate in the country. And even then, they must provide their games in states where iGaming is legal. As such, only a small percentage of Americans can play top-rated slots.

When it comes to table games, the same rules apply. Canadians have access to live blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. This is something they can’t find at province-run casino sites.

There are many benefits of playing games from offshore casinos. For starters, the games have been vetted for fairness. Secondly, they feature the latest technology in graphics, soundtracks, gameplay and mechanics.

Importantly, these games have top payout rates. On average, offshore casinos payout 96% of wagered money. Some games have much higher payouts—Mega Joker slot has a 99% RTP.

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Stiff Competition

When you think about it, businesses improve through competition. Where there’s no competition—provincial gambling sites—the services are poor. In the overseas casino space, competition is rifle.

In the UK alone, the Gambling Commission has licensed over 1000 gambling sites in the past decade. Malta is home to 500 casino sites. Then there’s the Caribbean, with more iGaming providers.

In light of that information, operators have to be creative and innovative to stay relevant. This often means adopting the sleekest technologies, listening to customers and hiring qualified employees.

The result—offshore casinos provide great customer service through live chatting. They support 3D graphics, mobile gaming and VR technology. What’s more, they work hard to keep their customers satisfied.


Although Canadians can gamble through province-operated gambling sites, they prefer offshore operators for valid reasons. Offshore casinos offer security and transparency. They have a wide range of games, sweet bonuses and quick customer service. What’s more, they embrace technology to provide high-quality gambling experiences.

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