What will Albert Pujols’ role be with the Angels in 2023 and how much money will he make?

What will Albert Pujols’ role be with the Angels in 2023 and how much money will he make?

Albert Pujols is back for MLB spring training, but this time in a new role with the Los Angeles Angels.

The Dominican star, who retired from the major leagues at the end of the 2022 season, arrived at Angels Stadium, on Tuesday, to start a new chapter in his career.

The 43-year-old Pujols, who made history in 2022 by joining the 700-person homer club, will follow in the footsteps of another Dominican baseball legend, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., by taking on an advisory role with the Angels.

Moving forward, the Dominican will serve as a guest coach for the Anaheim club, as part of a 10-year personal services contract that was part of the terms of the contract he signed with the organization in 2012.

Pujols will also work with youth players at the Angels’ academy in the Dominican Republic, according to Mike DiGiovana of the Los Angeles Times.

“I would like Pujols to be part of the organization and help,” said Minassian. “When he was here, I felt like we had a very good relationship.” General Manager Perry Minassian

Archangel John Carbino provided more details about the star’s careers so far. “He’ll be like an ambassador for the team,” he told Sports Illustrated. “We’re really excited at the prospect of moving up. This is Albert Pujols. He’s an asset. He has a lot of baseball knowledge.”

The agreement states that the Angels have rights to Pujols for the first ten years after his retirement, although the relationship can be terminated at the will of both parties at any time. The California press reports that Pujols will earn $10 million for his 10 years in this new role.

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