What will happen to Uriel Antona? Marcelo Legno talks about Chivas reinforcements

What will happen to Uriel Antona?  Marcelo Legno talks about Chivas reinforcements

Technical Chivas of Guadalajara, Ricardo Pelaez talks about ability That Uriel Antuna, who looks more on the outside than on his team, but made it clear that The dynamic footballer has his unsure support on the exchange with Cruz Azul Interested in your services as mentioned in the last few days in an exchange by Roberto Alvarado.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

Away from talking about the future of Progo, the leader of the Holy Herd He preferred to list the qualities of the offensive midfielder who has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days, first because of the reflection that America in Exchange by Sebastian Cordova And then supposed Lack of discipline as putting women in focus hotel.

This further complicates his stay at Chivas for the 2022 Clausura بطولة And before that the leadership was headed by Amauri Vergara and Ricardo Pelaez Planning to use it as a bargaining chip for me to go to The Machine and Roberto Alvarado He was dressed as a rojiblanco, but Leaño missed talking about potential reinforcements.

Uriel knows he’s a very controlling player, He has the potential to become a benchmark in Mexican football. He knows he has my support.” Helmsman commented in comments to El Universal, although he never made it clear what he was referring to specifically with the support he declared, if it was a purely sporting issue or also because Several off-court situations have accompanied him since his arrival in Chivas in 2019.

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Chivas Reinforcements 2022

On the other side, Marcelo Lanio also did not want to comment on the arrival of new faces, but if It was very certain that the items that were incorporated into Guadalajara They should have a much greater capacity than those currently in their workforce.

“I’m not asking for a number of players, if someone is coming it should be of high quality, if we don’t have many players in the quarry that’s a guarantee. As long as the guidance doesn’t give me the opposite signal, for me, the team is the one we started playing with. Today. I still don’t know which team will start on day 11, the players know, anyone can start and I want to see who really has that level of energy and that football is needed for beginners.”

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