What you need to know about TV aerial installation services

What you need to know about TV aerial installation services

Why install an aerial?

So, your first question may be, why do I need TV aerial installation? This is a common question for many, as satellite dishes are installed for those who operate with Sky or Freesat TV. However, what if you do not want to pay for an unreasonable monthly subscription, especially if your TV is not often watched. Well, to watch free, digital terrestrial TV this is a must-have. In the UK, TVs manufactured after 2010 will already have a preinstalled Freeview box offering around 70 channels as well as 30 radio stations. Therefore, there are plenty of watching options once you have had your aerial installed, and as well as this, you will have no additional costs for the TV. Click here to access TV aerial installation services.

Who will install the aerial?

When it comes to the installation, you have two options. You can either install the aerial yourself or hire a professional. We would advise going down the second option route. Installing an outdoor aerial yourself can sometimes be dangerous, especially when you are not trained to be working at heights or with this equipment. If your signal is strong enough, you can easily opt for an indoor TV aerial instead that can be placed in your loft or upstairs within your home, and preferably next to a window. The higher the better in this case. Reverting to the outdoor aerial, there will be several professional engineers who can carry out the task successfully and quickly for you. Companies such as mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk can send out an experienced engineer that is local to you, providing you a free no-obligation quote once they visit your home. Once the quote is established, you are free to decide if you wish to go ahead with the service or not.

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Reliability and warranty 

Once your TV aerial is installed, the experienced professional should proceed to explain how to tune your TV so that when they leave your premises, you are all set to watch TV. They will offer you a warranty too so that if anything were to go wrong with your aerial, you will have a guarantee, and repairs or reinstallments can be made all under the warranty. This is what is extremely beneficial about taking the professional TV aerial installation route. If you were to carry out the task yourself and something were to go wrong, that would be down to you to dedicate extra time and even money to fix the aerial. It also means if there is a period of heavy weather and your aerial becomes misaligned or damaged, rather than bracing the conditions yourself, you can rely on someone else to fix it.

Correct placement 

An outdoor TV aerial must be placed high, either on the side of your home or on the roof. Professional installers are aware of the correct placement as they know the direction of the local transmitters. This can often be detected by the position of your neighbour’s aerials however, you are always best to rely on the opinion and placement of a professional for the best results and reception.

Aerial types and quality 

When you choose to install your TV aerial by yourself, choosing the aerial is all down to you, and if you hold very little knowledge in this department, you can potentially select the wrong one. When you follow through with a professional service, the company should guarantee the highest quality aerials, and even amplifiers, for an increased reception if need be. Additionally, as there are several types of aerials, they will provide the best one suited for you, meaning that aerial research does not need to be carried out beforehand and it can all be left to the professionals.

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Price consideration 

Some homeowners prefer to try and install an aerial by themselves to avoid excess costs however, TV aerial installation may not be as expensive as you think. Due to the differences within the jobs that may need to be carried out, the engineer will visit the property first before setting a price on the project. The price, however, does incorporate the aerials cost as well as the technician’s rate, and the time it will take to complete the task, so bear this in mind when you are quoted a price.

Equipment consideration

If after reading this article, if you are still convinced about heading down the DIY route then this may change once you consider equipment costs. A ladder that can access roof height can easily cost over £100 and that doesn’t include the cables, brackets, or even the aerial itself. To save costs as well as time, we would always recommend using a professional service when it comes to TV aerial installation.

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