WhatsApp Web, How to double the space if “Enter” doesn’t let you

WhatsApp Web, How to double the space if “Enter” doesn’t let you

There is no doubt about it Application from instant messages par excellence is The WhatsApp, a manifesto based on more than 2 billion active users and downloads confirming its standing in this field of mobile apps. during the calamity and restrictions on movement, its use has been further intensified to keep people separated by a space in contact, and the release WhatsApp Web to use from the computer Taking prominence when it comes to communication by becoming an ally of education from afar and the home office.

This digital platform accessed from Browser from Internet from U.S the computer It does not require much from the original application, because it has the ability to transfer multimedia files and voice notes, and recently it has the ability to work calls And video calls.

To avoid having to cut out your messages when you want to separate paragraphs, you can use an extra line in the app. (Pixabay)

All the functions that it contains, as well as the smartphone application, help to improve the user experience, but one detail becomes clear when typing in the computer version of WhatsApp Web: there is no special button to give a line or a line break to separate a paragraph or sentence from the next. This is achieved in the classic application using the “Enter” button.

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From the computer this can not be done in the same way, because when you use the “Enter” key, the message is sent at the moment instead of separating the paragraph with an extra line. For this problem, there is a tip that will make it possible to separate lines when writing the body of your message.

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If you are using an operating system windows, while typing in the program’s text box, you can press the “keys at the same timemonitoring(Ctrl) y ‘EntersThis will activate the line break and you can continue writing the next idea in the message without having to send it in parts.

If instead, you can access from a file MacThis same result can be obtained by simultaneously pressing the “Enter” and “Enter” keys.capital letter“.

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