WhatsAppPlus | Complete Steps to Download APK January 2023 Version | Activities | Android | Tools | Deport-play

WhatsAppPlus |  Complete Steps to Download APK January 2023 Version |  Activities |  Android |  Tools |  Deport-play

WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp is a modified version of Messenger, made for users who want a higher level of customization. The aforementioned APK contains innovative functions that the Meta application itself has not yet implemented in its messaging platform, namely: notification of “online” contacts; Possibility to hide the word “Writing” when you reply to a message, change the main interface, etc.

In addition, there are two WhatsApp Plus programs, Alex Mods and YessiMods version, we will explain how to download and install both on your mobile device with Android operating system, so we recommend you to follow. Steps below the letter, because if you meta detect using versions “Unofficial”, they can suspend your number temporarily or permanently.

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How to download WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone

First keep the content of your conversations and stickers

  • You may have whatsapp messengerThe official Meta app, create a chat with you to keep your stickers.
  • To do so, open the application and click on the contact icon located in the lower right corner of the main interface (IP).
  • Now, a list will be displayed with all your contacts, click on the first one, which is your private chat, located under the “New Community” option.
  • Send all your stickers that you have highlighted as favorites.
  • Next step go to WhatsApp IP and touch the three dots (top right) icon > “Settings” > “Chats” > “Backup”.
  • This part is very important because you need to create a backup locally. Scroll down and tap “Save to Google Drive” > select “Never”.
  • Now, press the green button that says “Save” to create a backup. Wait for the process and the exact time you did the process will appear in “Local” and in Google Drive it should say “Never”.
  • Don’t forget to skip the steps if you are not registered on WhatsApp.
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Locate your backup folder

  • Open File Manager > Internal Storage > Tap “Android” folder.
  • Then, click on “media” > “com.whatsapp”, usually the copy will be saved here.
  • Tap the folder and rename it to any name, But without deleting “com.whatsapp”.It could be something like: “com.whatsapp plus”, without the quotes of course.
  • This way the folder won’t get deleted when you uninstall WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Proceed to uninstall WhatsApp through Google Play Store (very important).

Finally, install WhatsApp Plus January 2023

  • Follow this By touching or downloading the WhatsApp Plus version of Alex Mods (17.20). For beta version of YessiMods (22.20).
  • Open the file and tap “Install”.
  • Once it’s installed, enter the APK and give it the required permissions so that it runs without issues.
  • Select the language “Spanish”. Minify APK and Go to the location where you renamed the folder.
  • You will see another folder created called “com.whatsapp”, delete it.
  • Then, rename the folder to “com.whatsapp plus” but remove only the word “Plus” so that it will initially be “com.whatsapp”.
  • Enter WhatsApp Plus and click “Add and Continue”. Register your phone number and verify it with the authentication code.
  • They will automatically detect your backup and click “Continue” > Grant permissions if it appears > You will reach a point “Backup detected”.
  • Finally, click “Restore” and all your data will be installed and protected.

What can you do with WhatsApp Plus?

This application is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, which was developed in 2012 by Spanish programmer Rafalens. This app is mainly created for you to know below about the customization and many improvements of the program.

Like the original, WhatsApp Plus allows users to chat and send photos, emojis, videos, documents and files, but it also has features not found in the official version, such as the color of the chats and the interface.

Another advantage is that you can use two accounts simultaneously on WhatsApp Plus, something that cannot be done on the original app. Additionally, you can customize your account by adding extra privacy by choosing which contacts you don’t want to see online and changing your “Last Connection” time.

How to Transfer Your Conversations from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

  • First you need to log into WhatsApp and take a backup.
  • Then go to your cell phone’s internal storage folder.
  • Create a folder called “WhatsAppPlus”. Remember to respect capital letters and no spaces.
  • Now search for the WhatsApp folder and copy and paste all the files you find inside to the “WhatsAppPlus” folder.
  • Once this step is complete, uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone.
  • Now install WhatsApp Plus APK.

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