Qatar Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia need to qualify for the 2022 World Cup? Football | Sports

Qatar Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia need to qualify for the 2022 World Cup?  Football |  Sports

Both Brazil and Argentina have stamped tickets for Qatar 2022, but many candidates from there are eligible to play directly or at least. Play Before the Asian team involved in approaching the World Cup.

Each team has two games, lots of math and more emotions until the final whistle of the last match released daily ACE From Spain.


It is classified as third and has a presence of three points from third and fourth to second. In other words, with the victory he will seal the direct pass to Qatar 2022. His first chance will be in Asuncion, when he joins the Paraguayan team where he has no chance of qualifying, with the desire to make progress with some youngsters like Enziso or Morales. . The final will be played at home against Argentina, where he hopes to celebrate a historic pass with his people.


The last two wins allow him to rely on himself to play in a World Cup again. To do this, they must beat Peru at home and also beat Chile on the last date. You do not need six points, but any stumbling block will force you to believe the other results. Bicolor is lurking at one point and neither Chile nor Colombia long for their place.


To qualify for the World Cup in Russia, he had to play in the playoffs against New Zealand after finishing fifth, a position he occupied before playing in the Montevideo and getting to Paraguay on the final date. There is no margin for error and at least four points are required to gain peace of mind. The result that Chile can get in Brazil is important.

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La Rose two points from fifth and three from fourth. In addition, he has difficulty playing in Maracana on Thursday. Brazil will not back down from anything, it will be difficult to win. For Chile, all that does not add up to six points takes them far from the World Cup. Although the team has reacted in recent months, it is too expensive for a bad start.


This is the last choice with sorting options. However, their alternatives are far from over, and it’s about beating both games and believing that consistent results will benefit them. Peru is four points behind, while Uruguay is five points behind. The positive aspect is that it will be measured against two teams that are unlikely to qualify, Bolivia and Venezuela. It’s time to end the drought and dreams of scoring. (D)

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