How to put the name in white in WhatsApp and hide it in conversations

How to put the name in white in WhatsApp and hide it in conversations

Although WhatsApp took some measures some time ago and included a function to prevent someone from forcing us to join a group without asking our permission, with this new era of remote teamwork, it may be necessary to give up and join one or more workgroups. And if for any reason you want to hide your name so that other members that you don’t know can see it, the problem is that WhatsApp doesn’t give you options for that.

Hide your name in white

Each WhatsApp user has a name written in their profile. And if you try to make it look empty by deleting what’s there, WhatsApp forces you not to leave that empty space. Yes, you can limit yourself to putting a period, line or comma, which the app will accept.

But to make it look better, so that when you’re talking to someone a completely blank space appears above the message, do the following:

Method 1: On the mobile phone, open a link

  1. open this link. On the web that appears, it will show you a file Unicode character U + 2800
  2. Do you see the empty square inside the rectangle? Hold your finger on the side of the square.Or until the empty space inside the box appears selected. And hit the copy tool that just appeared.
  3. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  4. go to the upper right corner And give the symbol of the three vertical dots
  5. Seeks Settings and open it
  6. Click on a file personal picture
  7. In section q . profilewhich has just been opened for you, touch under the picture where you say the name
  8. The edit menu will open. Press and hold on the name on WhatsApp And it appears highlighted – or delete it and keep clicking on the empty space of text.
  9. hit copy. With this you will copy that blank space of the Unicode character you copied.
  10. Accept the change and you’re done: Your name will appear blank in all your chats.
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Method 2: On WhatsApp Web and Mobile by copying an empty space

Simpler and does not require opening websites, it is about Copy white space between letters, like the one shown in the middle of the quotes we’ve put below:

>>> <<

As you can see, between the two letters in the inner region there is a blank dot in the middle. Simply Select it with the mouse – or hold it down on the mobile screen – then give the command “copy” to move it to the clipboard.

  1. Open WhatsApp Web and go to Your profile picture It is on the left side of the interface
  2. click on it and go to the namespace
  3. click about the pencil to edit it
  4. delete your name and Paste this blank that you copied before right-clicking > Paste.
  5. Save changes and you’re done.

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