Where knowledge multiplies results • workers

Where knowledge multiplies results • workers

Since 2019, Acinox- Las Tunas has been the scene of a profitable hustle and bustle beyond production that aims to empower science and harness its benefits in the search for collective performance improvement and a continuous increase in the efficiency of one of the outstanding factories in Cuban metallurgy.

Doctor of Science Eng. Guillermo González Yero is excited about the research. Image source: Neyxi Sobrado

This is how the R&D project associated with the National Development Program “Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”, which pursues the use of advanced automation for the production and refining of steel, and which has already provided conceptual solutions to production problems, has crystallized through research in master’s degrees that delve into different aspects of complex process.

Studies conducted in the fields of knowledge related to energy efficiency (2), industrial engineering (1) and automation (13) contribute to this effort, with works that have been defended by their authors since yesterday before reputable juries of various top centers. Studies in the country, whose cooperation was essential in embodying these ideas, says Dr. Guillermo González Yero, one of the architects of this project.

Yesterday began the process of defending the investigation work that ends today and according to predictions should culminate another 10 to be added to the two already in place; At the same time, other inquiries that are part of the project and which aspire to be completed soon continue.

In the exercise of the full defense of the investigation work. Image source: Neyxi Sobrado

Since the above date, Acinox-Las Tunas has opened its doors to four prestigious educational institutions in Cuba: Universidad de Oriente, Universidad Las Tunas, Universidad Central de Las Villas Martha Abreu and Universidad Tecnologica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría (Cujae). .

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Of the 13 proposals for automation solutions to current problems at the steel plant in Las Tunas, six have been prioritized with the purpose of obtaining resources that will make it possible to implement them in the near future. Studies have made it possible to demonstrate that the solutions can reduce the consumption of electricity, electrodes and refractories in a steel plant by at least five percent.

Four other business entities from the province are also involved in the research and development project:

  • Integrated Automation Corporation (Cedai)
  • CupSteel
  • Electro medicine and
  • Jessel
Different fields receive the benefits of science. Image source: Neyxi Sobrado

Speaking to the press, d. Michael Noriega Alemán, Vice Dean of the College of Communications, Informatics and Biomedicine at Orient University, reflects on Acinox-Las Tunas’ good practices and the conditions created at the plant to enhance its economic efficiency of science.

As explained by Eraldo González Arias, Director of Acinox Las Tunas, the contributions of science to the stated efforts of the managerial and union leadership and the group of workers to achieve greater energy efficiency, improve the supply chain, are indisputable, computer-aided industrial maintenance, embodying a competitive intelligence system for decision-making and the creation of Comprehensive business management system.

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