Which sports are ideal for live betting?

Which sports are ideal for live betting?

Watching sports is one of the most exciting things people do in their daily lives but having a wager on a sports event while watching the action unfold is a great way of adding to the overall excitement. Live betting lets sports fans place bets while the sport is taking place.

Live betting has been around since the late 1990s, when bookmakers would take orders over the telephone on a game in progress. Since then the activity, also known as in-play betting, has become a hugely popular way to wager on sports events.

The appeal to the sports fan is clear in the number of wagering options available. All sorts of different team sports will have options for live betting. The odds of proposition bets, such as who the next team to score will be, or player to finish a round of golf first, are constantly updated.

This brings the viewer right into the heart of the action. It is exciting and offers the chance to make some real profit.


Live betting in Football  


Live betting in football, or soccer, is a hugely popular way to watch the sport while enjoying a wager at the same time. The big difference between traditional football betting and live betting is that live football betting takes place after the match has kicked off.

The advantages of live betting for the football fan are that this creates lots of different opportunities.

For example, as well as the half-time and full-time results, bets are also available on when the next corner kick will take place, or who the next player to score will be.

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How bookmakers arrange and update the various algorithms to do with the match are the key to enjoying live betting.  The odds are continually updated based on what’s going on in the match.


The advantages of live betting are quite clear


Firstly, there are so many more factors to bet on. This increases the chances of a win, keeps up the interest regardless of the quality of the match. Secondly, there is a lot more information to work with. Football fans will be able to make informed choices about what to bet on, based on what is actually happening in real time.

Lastly, live betting is a great combination of making the game more exciting and providing greater opportunities to win.


Enjoying Live betting in Tennis

Which sports are ideal for live betting


Tennis fans can engage with the game by betting on how many sets a player will take to win the match. Tennis is one of the sports most favored by sophisticated live betting fans for several reasons.

They can bet on everything from the weather to how much time players spend between games. Tennis tournaments are played all year round so there is no let-up in the opportunities for play.

An important part of live betting in tennis are ‘momentum swings.’ This is when a favored player has a dip in concentration and loses momentum. This will affect the odds and mean that a smart gambler can profit by putting on money at the right time.


Live betting in Basketball


Live betting really comes into its own in the basketball world during March Madness. It is the time of year when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments take place.

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Usually happening around mid-March to early April, the competition is a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams all competing for the prize of champion.

The competition is played over a series of weekends and offers a wealth of possibilities for live-betting.

A viewer can watch live and bet on a rapidly unfolding series of plays. Bets can be made right up until the end of play, meaning that anything is possible.

A money-line bet on who the bettor thinks will win could be put on the team that is currently losing by a margin. This will offer up more attractive odds, as the time ticks on.

As any sports fan will tell you though, anything is possible, and this is how real surprise and big wins take place.


Live betting in American Football


American football has a wealth of statistics and information to interact with. This makes live betting a perfect fit for the sport.

Bets on quarter-time, half-time and full-time results have been popular for years in the NFL and Superbowl.

More recently, proposition bets on everything from which player will score the first touchdown, to the number of receiving yards and interceptions are available to wager on.


Live betting in Golf


Golf is another sport rapidly becoming keyed into the potential of live betting. The PGA tour this year broadcast every shot digitally, making the competition available to watch for fans.

The sport looks to be actively opening up to the engagement that gambling on the tour can offer. In terms of live-betting, golf provides viewers with many opportunities to bet on.

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It is expected that golf will follow the lead of other global sports to bring live betting firmly in place with all the action. While it provides more opportunities for the viewer to bet on, it is also advantageous to the organizers.

With every shot available to watch and with viewers having a personal stake in what happens, views will go up. This could have real significance for the traditionally less popular rounds and holes.

With so many advantages, live betting looks set to continue as one of the most popular ways for sports fans to be a part of the action.

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