Who is Maria Fernanda Guzman, Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend?

Who is Maria Fernanda Guzman, Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend?

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One of the names that was repeated more than others after their breakup Christian Nodal With Belinda he is from Maria Fernanda Guzmana young woman from Guadalajara who was previously the girlfriend of Sonoran singer and is Daughter of Daniel Guzmanthe former national team player and was until a few weeks ago the coach of Guatemala Guatemala.

According to various sources, Christian and Maria Fernanda had a good The relationship despite the fact that they are no longer a romantic couple and there were multiple versions of that He had some interference with the breakupdays before the singer was seen at Guzmán’s house.

While she was in New York, the boy Nodal went to Tapalpa, His ex-girlfriend lives there and she went to see the ex-husband’s brotherBecause he is a close friend of his former brother-in-law. “There’s a tantrum in the middle,” Patti Chaboye commented on Ventaneando.

Who is Maria Fernanda Guzman?

This is a 27-year-old girl Not part of the show businessAlthough he has a significant group of followers on Instagram, numbering around 342 thousand.

According to the magazine Who is theHe had an affair with Carlos Fierro in 2017, when he was the under-17 world champion Was part of Chivas.

She is also a sister Daniel Guzman Mirandathe Santos Laguna youth team that failed to settle in the first division and even went on to play in Guatemala until September last year, and Miguel.

His father was part of the wealthy Mexican generation that was runner-up in the 1993 Copa America, which also included Luis Garcia, Zag, Alberto García Aspe, Jorge Campos and Carlos Hermosillo, among others, as well as his achievement. Champion as player with Atlante (1993) and as manager of Santos (2008).

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