Meet the city, a new space to discover Cienfuegos and its dream

Meet the city, a new space to discover Cienfuegos and its dream

A new space settles on the margins of the cultural panorama of Cienfuegos, after the opening of Peña’s encounter with the city, in the Lublin Palace “Located in the Historic Urban Center of the Pearl of the South,” is led by Iran Milan Koetara, Director of the Curator’s Office.

“At each date, as we dream, different social and economic actors of the city will participate, in order to know what we are and where we are going; as well as to share new projects and ideas,” said Milan Quetara, laureate of the National Awards for Cultural Heritage and Architecture.

At the first meetings, the host received luxurious guests, among whom was a doctor of art sciences, Lilia Martin Brito, who pleased the audience with her presentation Legacy of Cienfuegos. new edgesa unique walk through the historical memory of the territory since the time of the indigenous people and through unknown maps.

Equally interesting was that of Orlando García Martinez, historian and president of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) in the province, where he addressed elements relating to the economic future of the former colony of Fernandina de Jagua.

He said that the famous thinker reflected on the spirit of this initiative after considering it “a place of exchange that we needed and lost.”

During his speech, Milan Kotara commented on some of the work that has been carried out in Cienfuegos since 1976, when I became mayor of the province of the same name. Among these are the proclamation of the Historic Urban Center as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in July 2005; And two years later, in December 2007, the curator’s office was created.

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Peña Encuentro con la ciudad will be a monthly frequency and aims, in the words of its creator, to be an inspiration to artists, poets and good people.

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