Who is Robert Bobrowjski, the 2.31-meter giant who was in the NBA’s sights?

Who is Robert Bobrowjski, the 2.31-meter giant who was in the NBA’s sights?

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In recent years, the name of Robert Bobrojski has appeared in Europe, a young Romanian basketball player of Hungarian origin who has raised eyebrows among many European basketball fans and, of course, in several players. Scouts Before imposing a height of 2 meters and 31 centimeters.

He was born in June 2000 in the town of Arad, the area where a large Hungarian population is concentrated, called Sicels or szekely. At the age of 14, he was recruited by Stella Azzurra (Blue Star) in Italy, a coaching academy seeking to hone the talents of the young athlete.

According to experts, his greatest qualities are “improved shooting ability from middle-distance jumps and passes.” However, as is often the case with players of similar height, his biggest problem is his physique, as he must gain weight if he aspires to become a top player.

He was in the crosshairs of teams such as Barcelona basketball and the NBA. He even made the NCAA team for the University of Rochester. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he had to return to his home country, but returned in 2021.

Currently, he is the second tallest active basketball player in the world, after England’s Paul Sturgess, whose height is 2.34 metres. Likewise, he speaks five languages: English, Serbian, Italian and, of course, Hungarian and Romanian.

His father, Zsigmond Bobroczky, was also a professional basketball player and played for the Romanian national team, co-teaming with another giant: Georg Muresan, who measures in at 2 meters 39 centimeters, by far the tallest basketball player. The top of the story

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