Who will go with USA Basketball to the 2024 Paris Olympics? Confirmed players in the Dream Team

Who will go with USA Basketball to the 2024 Paris Olympics?  Confirmed players in the Dream Team

The United States has pending accounts for the 2024 Paris Olympics, for which it has already qualified. They will not have to bear the burden of playing in the previous tournament, as will happen to Spain, thanks to their obtaining one of the two American tickets that were on sale for the last World Cup. But it was his performance at the Confederations Championships, in which he lost to Canada while competing for bronze, that fueled the desire to create a new top team with which he could win gold. Reminiscent of those teams from Barcelona 1992 or London 2012, twelve of the best players in the world will be in the French capital. It will be time to close the stages in an attempt to achieve another victory for history.

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Coach Steve Kerr is supposed to leave the team at the end of the Paris Olympic tournament. He took over from Gregg Popovich, who was his assistant, and only played in the last World Cup and subsequent games. He will be one of the people for whom this participation will be a turning point in his career.

By age There are players like Stephen Curry (36), Kevin Durant (35) or LeBron James (39). For those who will be The last dance at the FIBA ​​level. Then they wanted to join together on Team USA, created by former player Grant Hill, to put on a sweet show. We must not forget to restore the prestige of the team that performed poorly in the last World Cup. Durant himself has made it clear that they want to win and win well: “It will be interesting to see how we do because the best will be there. This motivates me, as I am winning my fourth gold medal. I think it will be the first, so go for it. But I also want us to send a message, to show how much of a dominant team we can be. “I'm talking about winning games by 40 or 50 points. That's what I want to do.”.

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Below we review the names that joined this challenge: to be one of the best basketball teams that have ever come together. Fantasy will become reality at the Paris Olympics with the Dream Team, which they hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime group.

USA at the Olympics: Confirmed Players

· LeBron James. The legendary player from Akron, now a member of the Lakers, has seen the worst and best of the United States in international competitions. It started at the Athens Games, where his country's performance was nothing short of ridiculous (Spain couldn't beat them despite being a weak team, and the tournament went to Argentina) and they were also called up for the World Cup in Japan, where that team was called up. The Spanish team led by Bebo Hernandez finished above them. Later, he had two more positive experiences, in which he was the spearhead of the two teams that Spain pushed to the limits in the Games, but was unable to do so in the finals in Beijing and London. His unprecedented career in the NBA leads him to be an attraction wherever he steps, and this will be no exception. His angry appeal after the recent World Cup disappointment was decisive.

Kevin Durant. The unconventional player from Maryland, who plays for the Suns, has been a dating match for the past decade. With him you can never say, in light of what we have seen, that this will be his last participation, and even more so with the following matches being held on American soil (Los Angeles). His appearance at the World Cup in Turkey, with little to no NBA experience, was wise: his dominance was absolute against players with proven experience. After this appearance on the national team scene, he focused on preparing for the challenges of the Olympic Games, a big draw for USA boys basketball. In his homeland he has three gold medals in a row and the idea with which he signed up for this adventure was to get a fourth: it would surpass what the Soviets Belov, Volnov and his teammate Carmelo Anthony achieved in the men's team.

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Stephen Curry. For the Warriors' guard, this is his return to the national team to finally strike at Olympic gold. He participated in and won the World Cup finals in Turkey and Spain, but at the peak of his career he withdrew from the Rio Games eight years ago due to two injuries to his body. The desire to go grew, as we teamed up with LeBron to go hand-in-hand – as they have done so many times in the league – in this incredible challenge.

Joel Embiid. It was his case that brought the most headaches, and not just in the United States. This Cameroonian centre, with a family settled in Philadelphia, allowed himself to be liked by France, where he also had relatives, with a view to possible participation with the Gauls – naturalization through – in the games to be held in his country. After seeing the offers on the table, he decided on the USA Basketball offer. He will fight against the French as media personality Victor Wimpanyama will battle with him in the paint. This will be the first experience at the FIBA ​​level for Embiid, who trained at the University of Kansas and with continuous development within his greatness until he became the best player in the NBA in 2023.

· Puppy vacation. The Celtics player is considered one of the unifying elements necessary for the work of this team. It also happens, on the other hand, in the teams where he was in the league. It happened to him with the Bucks, who made him champions alongside Antetokounmpo, Middleton and others, and now Boston leads the regular season standings thanks to his courageous role.

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· Jayson Tatum. The Celtics forward has been in the plans since Kerr joined the US team. He disappointed at the World Cup in China and managed to equalize at the Pandemic Games in Tokyo, a year later than scheduled. His leadership role in Boston will not be the same as it is in the national team given who his teammates are.

· Devin Booker. His career could be extended as he is only 27 years old. He has an Olympic gold, which he won in Japan three years ago, and is gunning for another. This season with the Phoenix Suns he is averaging 27'5 points, 4'6 rebounds, and 7'1 assists.

Moreover, they have many possibilities to go (according to The athlete), still unconfirmed for USA Basketball, as others like Anthony Edwards (Timberwolves), Tyrese Haliburton (Pacers), Anthony Davis (Lakers) or Idris Bam Adebayo (Heat).. If all of these were on the list They will add eleven centers and there will be only one center left, of course, many and very good to choose from: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Mikal Bridges, Donovan Mitchell, Jimmy Butler, James Harden, Damian Lillard…

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