Who would blame that Luis Miguel chain not lifted?

Who would blame that Luis Miguel chain not lifted?

In the seventh episode (Out of eight) from the second season of Luis Miguel: The Serial Screenwriters, in a desperate act, took advantage of everything they hadn’t used in previous chapters – which were so boring – to try to get to the final stage with something substantial, but it was too late. And everything collapses.

In the 2007 schedule – which we can actually classify as pure and utter fiction – Luis Miguel makes a scene and tantrum Mauricio Ambrosi (he is called, Alejandro Asensei), Accusing him of stealing from him, because that is what led them to believe and let’s remember that Luis Miguel is acting this season like a hopeless fool (according to the scriptwriters, with the blessing of the singer himself), and thus Diego Bonita Throw all the meat on the grill in your position. ”Such and such intolerable “, This with “Chavo Buenaonda YeahBig piece in trouble It is one of the three descriptions he has always dealt with as an actor, to throw it in Ambrose’s face (Fernando Gualard Handsome, but not accurate) who stole it. The other becomes generous and departs; Immediately afterwards, Luis Miguel decided to find out if what he believed was true and finds out the truth, that he was his servant Atmosphere (Argentine Juan Ignacio CaniWho was stealing from you.

“And you’d think someone stupid like you stole a lot from me!” He told him before saying “Get out” with the stroke of a pen Completely incorrect termination of one of the subplots Which they have been building since the first semester. Already here the scriptwriters were very indifferent (Or handcuffed, that is) they present a typical case of bad writing: Stupid solution to a long-running conflict. A waste of everything and more Because this scene did not happen in real life as shown in this chapter.

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on the other side, Flirting between Ambrose and Michelle (Macarena Ashaga, Who never grew up as an actress in this series and seems to be keeping an ad for perfume) finally seems to be paying off, even if she gets hung up to the last frame and goes on with vulgar dialogues like “No, Michael does not. I’m your father’s best friend, no. This is the last straw of the season Which was marked by the inefficiency of the scriptwriters in dialogue, Located on the worst telenovelas level by Emilio Larrosa.

On the schedule 1994 There’s also grogginess, of course, as well as the use and abuse of half-truths to carry out a plot that was defeated too often. As if Luis Miguel was an eight-year-old boy, Patricio Robles (Pablo Cruz GuerreroThis is very good, but the only thing missing is for the director telling him to “laugh like a villain”) manipulate him to get rid of him. Alex McCluskey (Cesar Santana) Hugo Lopez’s successor, And the name of your actor. Luis Miguel, who is presented in this part of the plot as immature and naive, Obviously, it falls, Although before that he puts Robles (which, of course, will either exploit or deceive him, as we’ll see in the next chapter) To face the Devil personally, his grandmother is Matilda (Great If not for Casamayor, Which only lacks a witch’s broom).

Of course, that’s more fake than a six-dollar bill. Nothing was rendered – nor attempted to bend Serginho (Axel Lunas) Being a singer through grueling rehearsals, nor meeting Mercedes with the fearsome Cynthia Casas (the always great Rossio Verdigo, In a journalist based character Claudia de Icaza)- Event.

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We have already indicated that Matilde has never visited Mexico, as Sergio’s custody lawsuit with attorneys was seen in Spain So what Claudia de Icaza never spoke to her in order to achieve “great unity,” but she relied on other sources. But here the scriptwriters don’t care and in the name of “technical license” (sic) they go on their own with Unnecessary scenes and absurd situations (The thing about the contract that the grandmother signs swear by, without going further, is a complete fallacy: However, “the idiot” is what screenwriters believe to be their primary audience).

The only real thing that happens in one way or another is their initial encounter Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes, who will be his partner between 1995 and 1998. In fact, they met on a talk show, and the way they presented it wasn’t: Jaime Camille and his wife were not waiting for him in the shed with Erica (today Isabella) Camille for dinner (Reality, Erica did not live with Luis Miguel in the same household In 1994 they were no longer a married couple), which was not the case in Mexico.

Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd / The Ron Galella Group via Getty Images)

The interview took place in New YorkLuis Miguel was single She was still married And while it was speculated that the relationship had the first spark, their relationship wasn’t official until they went together The Academy Awards in April 1995, And she’s already divorced.

Seven chapters of half-truths, missed opportunities, bad texts, and failed scenes. The series did not succeed, it was noted, and Not built Pushing force Which originally led to talking about and watching the first season. And it is clear who is to blame: It is not the fault of Diego Bonita or the cast that accompanies him; It’s Luis Miguel’s fault because of self-censorship and screenwriters to allow this, and contentment until they become What should be an unprecedented reflection of an idol, in an irrelevant melodrama.

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