Why do Cubans venerate Santa Barbara (Chango) on December 4th?

Why do Cubans venerate Santa Barbara (Chango) on December 4th?

Saint Barbara is a much-loved Catholic saint in Cuba, along with Caridad del Cobre, Saint Lazarus, and the Virgin Regla. Many Cubans know that on December 4th you have to wear red and offer a glass of wine to his image. For the Yoruba religion, Santa Barbara is Chango. Why is it revered on the island?

This saint arrived in Cuba from Spain in 1599, and her national sanctuary is located in Baraga, Havana. She is also the patron saint of those who work with fire, such as miners, firefighters and electricians, due to her connection to lightning. In addition, Santa Barbara has several songs dedicated to it, both in its Catholic version and in the African version, Chango. One of the most famous is Selena Gonzalez’s quote, which says:

“Blessed Saint Barbara, my lyre rises for you.”
And with emotion inspired by your beautiful photo.
“Long live Chango, long live Chango,” you can hear it.

Cubans celebrate Saint Barbara according to their faith, Catholic or Yoruba. What is usually not missing is the color red, a candle to call for favors and a glass of wine in his honour.

“And I will also give you the murmurs of my heart,
With pride and strength I will raise your name
In the name of my country, Cuba, I send you this greeting:
Long live Chango! Selena sings And reuse.

Santa Barbara and Chango in Cuba: Celebrating December 4th

The history of Saint Barbara dates back to the third century, when she lived in Nicomedia, one of the cities of the Roman Empire. Her father, a fanatical pagan, locked her in a tower to prevent her from converting to Christianity and forced her to marry a man she did not love.

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She revealed herself and was secretly baptized, and made three windows in her cell to symbolize the Trinity. Her angry father chased her and beheaded her with his sword, but was killed at that moment by lightning. For this reason, Saint Barbara is the patron saint of thunder and storms, and is honored in many countries in Europe and Latin America, especially on December 4, her day.

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