The hard training he did during his vacation

The hard training he did during his vacation


Leo Messi He doesn’t rest. Despite being on vacation after the elimination Inter In MLS, the striker continues to work hard to maintain his fitness and it showed on Monday Antonella Roccuzzo.

The owner of Inter Miami and the question he asked Messi to convince him to join the MLS

Through her Instagram account, the Argentine’s wife uploaded a video clip showing the soccer player exercising in the same gym she frequents in Miami.

In the pictures you can see A Messi Do pull-ups with a weight between your legs and accompanied by a professional trainer.

Since his arrival in the United States, Antonella He usually trains in the “Gluteal Laboratory”, based on the routines he compiles. Bret Contreras “The Gluteal Man”.. The coach appeared beside Leo During your workouts.

In this way, Captain Albiceleste spends his free time after 2023 with many changes in his professional and personal life.

In the coming days, Messi He will travel to Rosario with his family to continue enjoying his vacations and celebrating Christmas and New Year. The player must return until January 10 for the pre-season with Inter Miami.

It is worth noting that his club announced that the first preparatory match for next year will be against the national team Savior. It will be held on Friday, January 19 at Cuscatlan Stadium.

Messi’s announcement, which concludes his first stage with Inter Miami in the American League

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