Why hasn’t Tuca made changes against Toluca? Ferretti explains

Why hasn’t Tuca made changes against Toluca?  Ferretti explains

Tigers Lost to Toluca This Tuesday for the ninth day of Guard1anes 2021, In a duel where The team showed no variants to try to unlock the Scarlet Defense No changes came from the bench in an attempt to change the situation, and the coach explained the problems Ricardo Ferretti.

In understanding Mustaches, Input items such as Leo Fernandez The Rayamundo Fulgencio It would lead to an imbalance in the operation of the equipment, Who chose positions to try to generate danger in an arc Alfredo Saldivar, A suggestion that was ineffective.

“ The reason is simple, certain things have been changed, maybe a player is not doing what he knows how to do right; two, maybe there is an injury, but If the eleven people I entered are doing things well, I don’t see why I should make a change, Moreover, you have to see the changes that you can make, more offensive.

The only change I could make might be one position later and this often results in the situation decomposing. We had 6 offensive players, and they all had offensive properties, friendsAnd the not hereAnd the LewisAnd the AndreAnd the Carlos s ageAnd the I don’t think putting someone more offensive would solve the situation for meWith 7 who will defend me? I realize suddenly they will like it, but playing with 7 forwards is crazy. ”

As far as there are no variables and 36 centers that they have implemented in 90 minutes, which can only relate eight, the Mustache She said They had to open up to defending demons, Who played with all his men on his side of the field.

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“If you see him playing from minute 20-25, Toluca He plays behind his half-court with 11, it is not easy to find spaces and even if they are created, they are searched from the outside because they are closed in the middle, to be able to enter, you have to open them, so if we search for the centers and this, we have certain methods and two opportunities to score up to three. When goals do not fall, it is possible to consider not looking for other variables It is not that simple when the team has 10 defensive players in less than three quarters. ”

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