Will you despise Sivas? Sebastian Cordova responded with a controversial picture about his future

Will you despise Sivas?  Sebastian Cordova responded with a controversial picture about his future

Guadalajara Club Was very close to his goal to be exchanged Uriel Antuna to America, by Sebastian Cordova But in the end the negotiations fell apart and Rojiplankos left the fans hoping that the signing would soon become a reality, which at first was considered disrespectful to the match between the two teams. But it ended up being a disappointment to most.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

Moreover, the decisive competitor never believed in the ability that “Brujo” could bring them. Above Kordova this led to the withdrawal of the Azulgrama leadership, so they decided to negotiate with Kordova. Tigres de la UANL, at the request of Miguel Herrera They have nothing to sign for one of the Mexicans Very talented today.

Holy flock followers expressed their discomfort on social networks Due to lack of reinforcements and economic deficiencies In recent years it has been limited to hiring them The soldiers, therefore, became soulless when they realized that Cர்டrdoba was farther away than ever. Join the team led by Marcelo Michael Liano.

Cordova responds with interest in their services

The item that came out of the eagles a few days ago was uploaded to your account Instagram is a picture that fooled Sivahermanos with the phrase “let’s go”, It seemed like a clear message that he was supposed to have arrived Guadalajara, But the news because everything is simply good intentions Over time their attendance waned.

Now a new picture has been placed Cordova was the center of attention as he posted a postcard on the same popular social network It will appear with a glass of wine with the word “Enjoy (Enjoy)”, As a clear sign, he believes he only knows his future to join his new team, which means everything will be university students. Sivas can give a turn to the negotiations During his arrival Sultana of the North.

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