William Levy: Who is Alexia Rivas, the former Survivor participant who has declared her love for the actor | Celebrities of Spain | Fame

William Levy: Who is Alexia Rivas, the former Survivor participant who has declared her love for the actor |  Celebrities of Spain |  Fame

After the resounding success of his “Café con aroma de mujer”, It has become popular not only in Latin America, but also in Spain, where the series “Montecristo”, adapted from the “Count of Montecristo”, is currently being recorded. And it is that the Cuban actor has won the love and respect of thousands of fans in the European country.

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In addition, he became one of the most loved and wanted celebrities by the public. She was the first Spanish celebrity to show her love for handsome actor Mercedes Mila, who confirmed that she uses him as a background and that’s what drives her to go to the gym.

But she’s not the only Spanish she likes. One of the most recognizable faces of Telecinco in recent years has also declared himself a fan of the Cuban actor, presenter Alexia Rivas. Do you know who he is? Here we tell you.

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Alexia Rivas is a Spanish journalist and former reporter for Socialité (Photo: Alexia Rivas/Instagram)

Who is Alexia Rivas?

Alexia Rivas is a Spanish journalist and former correspondent for “Socialité”. She went from being a familiar face to becoming known for the “Merlos Place” scandal in which her affair with Alfonso Merlos was exposed while dating Marta Lopez.

Rivas graduated in Journalism in 2016 from Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. After taking an introduction course at Villanueva University in 2017, she quickly made her way into the world of television, according to El Confidencial.

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The journalist worked with several communication groups such as independent television Castilla y León (RTVCYL), La Sexta, Marca TV, La Fábrica de la Tele and Trece, where she met Alfonso Merlos, who later became her partner for some time. The most famous with whom he starred in one of the most famous scandals on Spanish television.

The young woman explored her face as an “influencer” during the months she was away from television. But then he returned to the screens as a participant in the first reality show “Survivors 2021”. Unfortunately, it was only for a short time because he was fired in the first weeks of the program.

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Alexia Rivas announced that she is a fan of William Levy

Alexia Rivas wanted to share her feelings with her Twitter followers after receiving a response from William Levy on the aforementioned social network.

The journalist said that the hero of the novel “Coffee with the Smell of a Woman” had announced and that the brave man had responded. Of course, we don’t know what he replied, but the journalist can “die in peace.”

“I announced myself to William Levy by md and he answered me. I could die in peace Alexia Rivas wrote on her Twitter account.”

Without a doubt, a few words show that Alexia is also a huge fan of the Cuban actor. It is not known what the actor said to Alexia in that letter he sent her, but what is clear to us is that he has more and more people to like him in Spain.

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