Ernesto de Alessio declares himself pro-life and sends a message to Regina Blandon

Ernesto de Alessio declares himself pro-life and sends a message to Regina Blandon

In recent days several famous women have spoken favor Of initiative Decriminalize abortion, So that more women can access legal abortions and thus avoid dying in clandestine clinics.

Among those actresses Regina Blandon, Who after being given his position was cruelly alerted by netizens and hitherto famous pro-life, like Ernesto de Alessio Who, in an interview for the program First hand He asked the artist about the reasons for her support for this initiative.

“I know Regina well, I ask those in favor of abortion if they think we can name a health policy in which two people enter the clinic, one left alive and the other in a sick waste bag. There is economic work behind this and this is what they don’t want to see and hear.”Said the actor and singer.

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And is that D’Alessio was clear about his feelings on this controversial issue, and he said not just against Termination of pregnancy It also regards it as hard work: “Deliberate abortion is a crime, it is a crime against people. When the father’s DNA combines with the father, a new life begins. A woman has the right to decide about her body, but not in someone else’s life.” Added.

After the politician’s remarks, Regina spoke about the same program and defended herself against D’Alessio’s comments: “It is not a case of abortion or non-abortion, it is legal or clandestine abortion. This has happened for many years and the deaths result from clandestine abortion, and it is not in the circumstances.” The actress indicated.

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Regina also responded to the singer and said that she is ready to discuss the issue, but every time she tries, she receives powerful social media attacks and disqualifications: “It is not that you cannot talk to me. The people who wanted to have a discussion with me were the people who wanted to exclude me and exclude the right of many people instead of saying to have a healthy discussion.” The comedian has also finished.

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