Wind Breaker Chapter 447: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read!

Wind Breaker Chapter 447: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read!

Wind Breaker penned by Jo Yongseuk, has been winning hearts globally, spinning around the lives of youngsters seeking freedom and indulging in street riding. The series impeccably combines comedy, romance, drama, sports, and more into its storyline. It has piqued its audience’s interest with its nuanced storytelling, endearing characters, and riveting plotlines.

As we move towards the release of Chapter 447, let’s delve into the details, discuss the renewed anticipation, review the series, and speculate what could happen next.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Chapter : 446
  • Release Date : May 28, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Genre : Adventure Martial arts
  • Where to Read : Kodansha Magazine and Shonen Jump App
  • Rating : 9/10 in IMDb

Popularity of the Show

Wind Breaker isn’t your ordinary series; it has managed to carve its niche in the world of webtoons, especially in the sports genre. The storyline revolves around high school students engaged in a street bicycle race.

This concept isn’t just unique but also caters to an audience that enjoys a refreshing blend of adrenaline, drama, and humor. This saga of thrill, friendship, rivalry, and passion has successfully resonated with readers worldwide, making it one of the most popular webtoons of its time.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Release Date

Keeping up with the trend, Wind Breaker Chapter 447 is all set to be released on May 28, 2023. This date is a beacon of excitement for all the fans who are eagerly waiting to see how the race unfolds and what it holds for their favorite characters.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Cast

The story of Wind Breaker revolves around its main character, Joe, a high school student, and his friends. However, it’s not just Joe that forms the lifeblood of the story. The series is enriched with a diverse array of characters, including Manny, a talented MTB rider, and Jay, a BMX champion, among others. The evolving dynamics between these characters adds depth to the series and keeps the storyline engaging.

What Happened in Previous Chapter?

In Chapter 446, the high-stakes race between Jin and Jay was the highlight. As they raced towards the finish line with all their might, utilizing their wind power, their determination and grit were evident. Adding to the thrill were the twists and turns along the way that kept everyone guessing who would win.

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Simultaneously, the chapter unveiled some snippets from Jin’s past, revealing his encounters with Mr. Park and Dark Snake, and his changing equation with Jay. The journey from friendship to rivalry was the focal point of the last chapter.

Chapter 446 of Wind Breaker revolved around an electrifying race between Jin and Jay, two fervent cyclists whose friendship had evolved into a bitter rivalry. This chapter was not just about their quest for victory; it also delved into Jin’s past, revealing events that had shaped his present relationships and his passion for cycling.

The chapter commenced with Jin and Jay at the starting line, a heavy tension weighing down on the air. This race was not simply a battle of speed and skill, but of wills and unyielding determination. Both cyclists held nothing back, exhibiting their profound prowess on their bikes, turning the racing track into a battlefield.

As they navigated the track, challenging every curve and defying every hurdle, readers were taken on a journey to Jin’s past. We learned about Jin’s first encounter with Mr. Park and Dark Snake, two significant figures in his life, and how these meetings influenced him.

Mr. Park was the one who introduced Jin to the thrill of cycling, showing him the potential within himself that he never knew existed. Dark Snake, on the other hand, was the rival that fueled Jin’s desire to improve and compete.

The most heart-wrenching revelation was about Jin’s relationship with Jay, which was once rooted in camaraderie but had turned into a fierce rivalry. This narrative hinted at deeper layers of their relationship that we might not have been aware of until now.

The chapter concluded with the race at its peak, both cyclists pushing their limits, their determination refusing to flicker. It was an intense cliffhanger that left readers anxious for the next chapter.

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Chapter 446 of Wind Breaker was not just an exciting race; it was a powerful exploration of the characters’ pasts and their motivations. It excellently depicted how experiences and encounters can shape one’s life, changing their passions and relationships.

As we eagerly anticipate the next chapter, one thing is for sure: Wind Breaker is not just a webtoon about cycling; it’s a story of friendship, rivalry, passion, and the paths we tread in life. It’s these narratives that make us resonate with the characters and keep us hooked to the series.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Spoiler?


As for what to expect in Chapter 447, it is difficult to say with certainty. However, given the cliffhanger from Chapter 446, one can expect the high-intensity race to reach its conclusion, or perhaps a surprising turn of events that could change the game. Furthermore, it would be fascinating to see how Jin’s past unravels and influences his current relationships and decisions.

Ratings of the Show

Wind Breaker has consistently been receiving high ratings from readers and critics alike. Its unique premise, gripping storyline, well-rounded characters, and vivid artwork contribute to its high standing. The series is rated 9.66/10 on LINE Webtoon, attesting to its success and popularity.

Review of the Show

Wind Breaker is a breath of fresh air in the sports genre. It brilliantly combines thrill, drama, comedy, and romance into a series revolving around street bicycle racing. The comic showcases not just the spirit of sports but also the essence of friendship, rivalry, and passion.

It’s not just the storyline that stands out, but also the artwork. The illustrations are vibrant and lively, adding to the overall reading experience. The characters are well-developed, each carrying their unique personality and charm. The way the story has progressed so far, it keeps the readers engaged and hooked.

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Where to Read

The upcoming Chapter 447 of Wind Breaker will be officially available on Kodansha Magazine and Shonen Jump App. Additionally, the anime adaptation of the series, launched on March 30, 2023, is produced by CloverWorks, expanding the series’ reach to anime enthusiasts as well.


Wind Breaker has proven to be a captivating series, capturing the essence of youth, sports, and emotions seamlessly. As we eagerly await the release of Chapter 447, we can only anticipate what thrilling adventure awaits us. So, mark your calendars for May 28, 2023, and be ready to dive into another chapter of high-speed racing and adrenaline rush with Wind Breaker


  1. What app can I read Wind Breaker?You can read Wind Breaker on the Webtoon app, which is available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. This platform offers an extensive range of comics, including Wind Breaker.
  2. What is the plot of Wind Breaker?Wind Breaker is a South Korean webtoon written by Jo Yongseuk. It revolves around a group of high school students who are enthusiastic about bike racing. The story primarily focuses on Joe, a timid high school student who finds his passion and freedom in bike racing. Despite his lack of initial interest, Joe gets involved in the world of bike races and discovers his extraordinary talent. The story follows his growth, challenges, friendships, and rivalries in this exciting yet demanding world of street racing.
  3. Who is the main protagonist in Wind Breaker?The main protagonist of Wind Breaker is Joe, a high school student who unexpectedly becomes a part of the thrilling world of bike racing. Despite his initial reluctance, he soon finds his freedom and passion in this sport. His journey in the world of bike races, including the challenges he faces, his growth as a racer, and his relationships with other characters, forms the crux of the story.



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