With controversy included! Motagua defeats Olancho FC by Eddie Hernandez and maintains defeat

With controversy included!  Motagua defeats Olancho FC by Eddie Hernandez and maintains defeat


Motagua didn’t show their best version during their visit to Olancho, but a foul by the Colts was enough for the Eagles to win 1-0 and keep the flight to fight for the top of the Apertura Championship.

The locals started to improve and with a bigger drop in attack, but they lacked being more powerful when facing Marlon Lecon’s frame.

Unfortunately, the only time the ponies did this, they were hurt by Nelson Salgado, who considered the act an offside. 22 minutes passed when Eric Andino received a deep ball and controlled it and Ovidio Lanza scored the first goal.

Mario Martinez showed his best form since arriving at Olancho and despite scoring the goal, the left-footed player was responsible for making football and a big risk in free kicks.

Hernan “La Tota” Medina revisited the second 45 minutes and improved his copy, as Eddie Hernandez’s score was enough for victory.

Soccer player Aguán appeared in the 55th minute and took advantage of a Colts defense error. The goalkeeper made a mistake and hit the defender and managed to score the ball. This is how he caused madness in Juan Ramon Prive Vargas.

Olancho FC tried to find a draw until the last minute, but they were not feeling well and in this way they added another defeat in the current Apertura Championship.

match sheet

Alignment Olancho FC: Oscar Almendáriz, Santiago Molina, Rainer Mayorquin, Mario Martinez; Henry Gomez, Ovidio Lanza, Eric Andino, and Omar Elver; Juan Laso, Matías Quintero, and Critian Altamirano.

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change olanchoCristian Calix x Christian Altamirano, Angel Filatoro Ovidio Lanza, Friles Lopez, Eric Andino, Carlos Castellanos, Henry Gomez, Shalton Arzo, Mario.

yellow cards: Renieri Mayorkin, Oscar Almendáriz.

Objectives: he was not there.

Motagua’s assortment: Marlon Lecona, Wesley Decas, Denel Maldonado, Carlos Melendez; Marcelo Santos, Juan Sanchez, Jesse Moncada, Walter Martinez, Mauro Ortiz; Eddie Hernandez and Roberto Moreira.

Motagua changes: Ivan Lopez x Roberto Moreira, Christopher Melendez x Mauro Ortiz, Justin Obando x Walter Martinez, Carlos Mejia x Jesse Moncada, Hector Castellanos x Ivan Lopez.

yellow cards: Marcelo Santos, Jesse Moncada, Wesley Decas, Hector Castellanos and Justin Obando.

Objectives: Eddie Hernandez.

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