The best tips and advice on how to successfully use Twitter to promote your business

The best tips and advice on how to successfully use Twitter to promote your business

It’s hard to deny – social media took over the world. All we do, we do through the prism of these platforms. On Facebook, you can keep in touch with your friends and distant relatives. On Instagram, you can share the brightest moments of your life. But Twitter provides you with all these opportunities at once. With only 280 characters per tweet, Twitter became the most popular microblog platform in the world.

Quite soon, businesses and brands realized all the advantages of Twitter. There are millions of users over the world, so why not catch their attention? If you are also a business holder, it’s time for you to stand out in the business world and increase your sales! Of course, it is impossible to do without good strategies.

It is kind of obvious that in order to thrive on social media, you need to be visible; for this purpose, you can buy Twitter likes from a reliable service and increase your visibility in no time for the best price.

Where to begin?

First thing first, take care of your account. A good profile is an aesthetic and informative profile. So take care of the following aspects before tweeting anything.

Your profile picture

As a business owner, you need to present yourself visually as well. If you have a company, it is best to put your logo as your profile picture. This way, you will be much more recognizable. However, if you provide some sort of service, you can choose your personal photo.

Make sure it looks professional and visually appealing. Your photo on the party with a cocktail in your hand is great for your Insta profile, but will hardly work out for a professional Twitter page.

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Your bio

You may not realize it at first, but your bio is an essential aspect that you should definitely take care of. The thing is that this is the first piece of data your audience sees when they visit your account. Your main task is to present yourself with your profile bio. 

Tell briefly about your company or service. You can also include your motto or insert some quote, which suits your corporate spirit. Remember that the length of this section is only 160 symbols, so try to keep it short and sweet.

Finally, the best thing you can do about your bio is make it original. There are thousands of business accounts on the platform, so staying creative is a must.

Your links and tags

It may sound obvious, but you should include a link to your website in the respective section. Nevertheless, many businesses neglect this aspect, which is wrong. The more visits your profile has, the more chances your website will get visits too.

Besides, do not forget about tags. They should relate not only to your business but also the whole sphere. 3-5 tags will improve your visibility.

Your Twitter header

Header is a large picture that serves as a background behind your bio and profile picture. What makes a good twitter header?

  • It should be of high resolution. The recommended size is 1500x500x. Blurry headers will make your page look unprofessional.
  • It is aesthetic. Light colors, appealing fonts – you should consider each detail while creating your header.
  • Finally, it should relate to your business. Include your logo, motto, or other essential information here.
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And now, let’s see what you can do for your account to shine bright.

Engage with your followers and other Twitter users

Engaging with the Twitter world is a must if you want to be visible. You have probably seen successful Twitter cases of popular brands with their witty replies, funny memes, and a bit provocative tweets. If not, you should definitely do it to get this much-desired inspiration.

But there are also other methods you can adopt:

  • Of course, it is a good idea to retweet some interesting and funny replies of your followers; they will be happy to get this moment of fame.
  • The same applies to liking someone’s tweets and replies.
  • We have already mentioned the importance of replies as they can become your viral success story.
  • Finally, consider using Twitter polls. You will not only engage with your audience but also conduct sort of market research right on the spot.

Use Twitter Ad

Your main goal is to get to as many people as possible and promote your business to them. Twitter advertising will help you greatly in this case. There are many types of ads on this platform: promoted tweets, trends, accounts, and so on. You should choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

We advise you to start from promoting a tweet. It can be a sort of introduction. Include the most essential information about your company and insert important links. And of course, do not forget to target your audience correctly. Location targeting is the best option in this case.

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Be consistent with posting

If you started running a Twitter account, then you should do it regularly. Posting one tweet a week is not an option for those businesses who want to get promoted. You should make posts every day. Talk about news and changes in your operations, comment on something that happens in your sphere, and don’t forget to reply to replies (sounds a bit funny, but it’s an effective thing to do).

If you feel like you don’t have time for social media accounts, then it would be a great idea to hire a creative social media manager. Having such a professional in your team will definitely bring you platform success.

Research your competitors

Yes, this rule applies not only to marketing. When looking at your rival’s twitter, you can reveal the secret of their success. And even build your following, as this is the same sphere of their interests.

Look at their writing manner, the way they communicate with their followers, what content they post, and so on. Also, you can get some ideas about bio and headers. You can also communicate with some of the accounts. This will create a sense of healthy competition and can amuse your potential customers.

Wrapping up

Twitter is a popular place, where thousands of tweets are posted every minute. It’s no surprise that in order not to get lost in the sea of content, businesses have to do their best. But if you put your time and effort into developing your profile, you will soon reap the fruits of your success! 

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