With Santelli’s support, Piccito destroyed a small area of ​​the force he had armed at JXC

With Santelli’s support, Piccito destroyed a small area of ​​the force he had armed at JXC

One of the goals set Michelangelo Piccito In December 2019, when he left Congress after 26 years of parliamentary activity, the goal was to create his own space, in which he could lead. With this intention, he also joined the “Together for Change” and decided to accompany Mauricio Macri in the presidential formula. But none of this will happen. Within days of closing the listings, The former senator finished destroying the limited space that he began to arm with Republican Peronism.

“The goal is solidifying the identity of Buenos Aires, with republican Peronism and independent spaces, To confirm the opposition alliance and win elections again in 2021 and 2023,” said Piccito in his presentation of this space he presented at the San Miguel Rugby Club, with former Vidal official Joaquín de la Torre and with regional senator Claudia Rocci.

But the new agreement reached by the former senator this morning Horacio Rodriguez Larita and Diego Santelli He ended up turning him away from the leaders who accompanied them at the time. Roche and de la Torre will accompany the extremist list led by Facundo Manes in the internal campaign to which the opposition is heading on September 12.

He was also able to figure it out Profile personlyAnd the Piccito tried to convince both Rocci and de la Torre They joined and supported the candidacy of the Vice President of the Government of Buenos Aires for the position of Deputy for the province. But they refused, arguing that they could not “accept the leaders of Buenos Aires continuing to land in the region”.

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Piccito tried to persuade Rocchi and de la Torre to join Santelli’s list

“They want to bypass us again. To promote space is to ignore it and not accept a Buenos Aires man in the territory,” they said from Republican Peronism to this medium to show the discomfort caused by Piccito’s decision. and Miguel? “He will continue his way, he has already agreed.”

Facundo Manes, the great common house

In times of polarization, with a strong tendency toward bipartisanship in politics, Buenos Aires’ radical decision is strategic. The roster that will compete in PASO will have a centenary celebration feel, but The nominees who chair it will not be members. Facundo Manes, who will go first, is not yet affiliated. Second, the leader of General Margarita Stolbeiser, who has few similarities to the White Berets, is expected to go. And the third place will go to Emilio Monzo, Al-Biruni who, despite being outside the institution, defends the values ​​of justice.

To the political orphans that Buenos Aires’ radicalism had gathered in this election (Stollbeiser after a failed agreement with Massa and Monzo to keep aside in the administration of Campimos) they were joined by de la Torre and Roche. The two officials confirmed their decision to separate from Piccito, who clung to the city’s candidates and negotiated places on the UCR’s roster.

Regarding the dispute between the Buenos Aires pro team between Rodriguez Laretta and Jorge Macri in the sector, they understand that “this is a battle that was mixed poorly from the start. Horacio chose to do training from 2023 in 2021”.

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