With Season 5, Team Good Doctor EP reflects on Shaun and Lea’s Finale Milestone and Saying Farewell to Claire

With Season 5, Team Good Doctor EP reflects on Shaun and Lea’s Finale Milestone and Saying Farewell to Claire

The two-part Season 4 finale of The Good Doctor heralded Antonia Thomas’ final episode as a series regular before retiring the ABC medical drama. The Guatemala-set ending contained big events for the other San Jose St. characters, in addition to bid goodbye to her character, Dr. Claire Browne. On the trip, Bonaventure doctors carried awesome news for Miguel, the patient with the lovely ugly dog and no family who was heartbreakingly taken off the list of 12 patients approved for life-saving therapy after encountering a last-minute health complication.

Dr. Karla Saravia (Allegra Fulton), the head of surgery at the local hospital who had been paired with Claire in the OR, described what was to come for Claire if then she really told her early in the episode that there are three main types of foreign doctors who come to Guatemala: those who care too much, those who care too little, and those who learn to distance themselves to do their job. Lea had packed her belongings and was on her way to Hershey since she was called by a woman with a newborn baby at the hospital, whose image had sparked a massive surge of despair for Lea in Part 1.

Lea, with the help of Shaun, looked after the infant girl, who was ok after a few scary minutes. Shaun admitted to Glassman through video call that he was “not doing well at all.” “Lea is worried, and I’m not exactly sure how to cheer her up,” Shaun remarked. Glassman, who is having marital problems, did not provide any counsel. Claire, joined by Karla, undertook her first surgery as a doctor at the hospital in the finale, which had yet another joyful conclusion. Miguel, who had been last seen going out from the clinic with his beagle puppy in toe, likely destined to die, while Shaun waved at him, was the patient. Miguel would now be saved as well, as his loyal dog watched waiting outside for his boss.

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Morgan and Park decreed their love for each other; Andrews revealed that his wife Isabel (previously played by Marsha Thomason) had left him for another man; and Mateo (newly promoted series regular Osvaldo Benavides) decided to move to the United States to be with Lim, even after a decades-old warrant for his arrest. Executive producer David Shore goes on to discuss the status of The Good Doctor‘s different partnerships, Claire’s farewell narrative (and her possible comeback), and Season 5 in the video below.

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