“With some changes we were able to regain strength.”

“With some changes we were able to regain strength.”

Nacional beat Rogo de Positos 81-76, after the match the Total Basketball team had the opportunity to speak with Marcel Superbiel.

“We didn’t start well at all in the first half, with some changes we were able to regain our strength.”Marcel said about the first-leg match. And about how they wanted to raise the level of the match, he added: “We wanted to suggest from the beginning and from there we were able to play the game.”

He told us about where he thought they were enjoying: “I don’t know if the advantage is in my game but I am a player who can contribute from many places.”. Add a short story: “Today I happily succeeded and managed to do it really well.”

In response to a question about his role in the match, he told us: “I sometimes teamed up attacking different defenders, depending on the advantage I could get”And keep telling us: “Happy that he can contribute to the team’s victory.”

When asked about the situation about the positive cases in the tournament, he told us: “It is a short tournament, all the teams have different problems and injuries, or some teammates were not lucky enough to catch the virus. We know what that is. I take this opportunity to send greetings and a speedy recovery to those who are suffering, but it is part of the game.”. “Before the tournament started, it was known that this might be the case.”And It ended up narrowing us down

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About how he viewed the campus, he said: “Unlike last year, I think we have other players who can help us from the bench.”Finally, tell us; “We have a long list.”

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