Wolves 1-1 Tottenham: Romain Size’s late goal gets the Wolves a decent point | Football News

Wolves 1-1 Tottenham: Romain Size’s late goal gets the Wolves a decent point |  Football News

Romain Size’s late goal drew 1-1 for the Wolves.

From Tottenham it was again a classic Jose Mourinho performance as Noble sent off a low, hard strike past Rui Patricio after 57 seconds. Then they sat back and soaked in the pressure of a lot of wolves, having only one shot in the second half and their last shot towards the goal in the 21st minute.

Spurs were knocked down by some loose set-pieces to seal a point for the hosts as Choice went home from a corner in the 86th minute. Both Ruben Neves and Fabio Silva had late chances to beat it for the Wolves, but were thwarted by Hugo Loris.

Tottenham missed out on a place in the top four and have instead knocked out Man City in fifth place, but now have four Premier League games without a win. The wolves will move one place to 11th.

How the wolves took the right point

Romaine Choice Wheels are in celebration after the late balancing

Tottenham opened the scoring and took the lead 57 seconds after the kick-off. Hyung-min’s son won, then awarded a corner, which Connor Cody left early on. However, it fell to Ben Davis, who hit the ball to Nompele, who was waiting at the top of the area, who scored a low shot in an attempt to knock Patricio down.

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The first sight of the wolves came after a trademark by Adam Truer, cutting from the right side and passing three Tottenham players. He then squared the ball for Daniel Bodense, but his gentle effort easily saved Loris. After a while, Ndombele sent for a cross from the right, but Sergio Requilan could only run a title past this post.

Player ratings

Wolves: Patricio (6), Marcel (7), Cody (6), Choice (7), Semato (7), Neves (7), Ma Tin Dinho (6), Silva (7), Drore (7), Neto (8) ), Bodense (7).

Subs used: Id-nari (6), Ottasovy (n / a), Whitinha (n / a).

Tottenham: Loris (7), Doherty (7), Sanchez (7), Dyer (7), Davis (6), Requilon (7), Hodgson (7), Wings (6), Nombale (8), Son (6), Kane (6).

Subs used: Bergwign (6), Sissoko (6), Lamela (N / A).

Man of the Match: Point Pedro Neto.

Spinard could have doubled Spurs’ lead in the 21st minute. It was a very good game from Noble as he broke the field and he raised the players of the wolves. He then picked up Regulon to his right, but his effort went straight to Patricio. The Wolves should have equalized a few minutes later with the best chance of the half, but Fabio Silva sent Nelson Semoto a one-inch effort past the post after a fantastic cross.

Early play was the food of the day because the wolves had a penalty call immediately after the break. Silva rolled following a clip from Eric Dyer, which was initially shaken by referee Paul Tyrney. The VAR checked the decision and agreed that no penalty was imposed.

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Team News

  • The wolves made three changes. Max Kilman, Ryan Eid-nary and Owen Ottazovy are out for Adama Troy, Fabio Silva and Fernando Markle.
  • Tottenham made four changes from the loss against Leicester. Serge Arier, Toby Alderwild, and Moussa Sissoko were substitutes and Giovanni Lo Celso was ruled out due to injury. Matt Doherty came up against his former teammate along with Ben Davis, Davinson Sanchez and Harry Wings.

The wolves continued with the Spurs goal pepper. After a driving run from NATO, the ball collided between Dyer and Matt Doherty before landing at Silva’s feet. He moved forward, but the ball was smoked at his feet by Loris – he took a start in the face of his difficulties. Neto quickly moved closer to himself, but his thunder effort was deflected backwards.

The hosts continued to increase the pressure – Neves forced a low save from Loris in selecting chances – and the Wolves finally made progress in the 85th minute. Neto took an assist when shot in a corner, which was flown into the net by Saiz, who found the spot ahead of Davis.

Tottenham Hotspur's Tangu Nompole opens at Molinex
Within a minute Donkey Nomble opened the scoring at Molinex

Silva made it a hat-trick of missed chances, the comeback of the incredible wolves with the final chance of the game. Neves threw a calling long ball forward, taking a young forward run between the center-backs, but his header bounced off the ground and went into Loris’ waiting hands.

Man of the Match – Point Pedro Neto

Although the absence of Raul Jimenez is seriously felt in front of the wolves, Neto has done a great job and is trying to build his side.

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He made three key passes and 10 total crosses throughout the game, capturing one assist for the balance. Neto also had his own goals, but like many of his teammates, he could often only find the goalkeeper’s hands.

In 15 Premier League games this season (seven; four goals, three assists) he has scored more goals directly than 29 last season (six; three goals, three assists).

After the game, Jamie Redcob said Sky Sports: “That kid is going to be a superstar, he’s 20 years old. He can do nothing.”

What the managers said


Nuno Esprito Santo pleased with Wolves’ performance as Romain Size’s late strike scored a point against Tottenham

Wolves Manager Nuno Espirito Santo Said: “We think we performed very well, we played a good game, we agreed at the beginning of the game, but the team reacted, we played well – very aggressively against a very serious, dangerous side. I’m glad.”

“It’s a learning process. Sometimes you can’t explain how other things happen in the first minute, we have to focus, we [had to remain] Warning, we know how games go without fans, there is no margin. There are many games with initial goals, but if that happens to you, you have to react, I think we stayed in the game and performed better. We put together, we defended, we reacted to losing the ball, we had good chances.

“We have a team of young players we trust and it’s ours to pick the right moments. If things had not gone as they did with the injuries, you would not have seen so many of these players playing together now.

“But this is what we want. If they have the opportunity to grow and improve, we will go ahead and give them a few minutes to help and support us so that we can be better in the future.”


Jose Mourinho admitted he was frustrated when Tottenham reached the Wolves’ goal late in the 1-1 draw at Molineux on Sunday.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho Said: “I [frustrated]. A point against the Wolves is usually not a bad end because they are a strong opponent, but with one goal in the first minute and control of the rest of the game and 89 minutes to score more goals, I am still frustrated.

“I do not want to say too much, I know how to prepare the team, I know what I heard from players who knew what I said at half time. I know all that, I do not want to say more than that. I owe the wolves a little, because by appearance, they are on us. We put a little bit of pressure, we handled it well, we controlled the game well, but we didn’t have that ambition and much desire. “

Redcop: The Spurs had the win in their hands

Sky Sports Pundit Jamie Redcop:

“The disappointment is, they had it in their hands. If you’re going to sit back, you’d hear the problem. It’s nothing. There are so many, so many games where this happens. It’s becoming a model now.

“And when that happens, players start to feel negative and think‘ it’s going to happen again ’.

“I think this is a big issue for Jose now.”

Apta figures – wolves of returning kings

  • Since the start of the 2018/19 season, only Liverpool (45) and Man UDT (44) have lost more points than the Wolves (40) in the Premier League.
  • Spurs have not won four Premier League games (T2L2) so far, their worst run since running four games between February and June this year.
  • With 18 shots in the second half of the game against West Brom, Spurs have just 22 shots in the second half of their last seven Premier League games, amassing just one try in the second half of this match.

What’s next?

On Tuesday the Wolves are back in action when they go to Man Utd; Kick-off 8pm. Tottenham will host Fulham on Wednesday; Kick-off at 6 p.m.

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