Women are erased in knowledge by stolen actions and ideas – 03/14/2022 – Science / Brazil

Women are erased in knowledge by stolen actions and ideas – 03/14/2022 – Science / Brazil

One night in Aspen, USA, writer Rebecca Solnette and a friend were sitting at the host’s table when they were asked about a book they “had to read.” Although he spoke smugly about the work, the man was unaware that Solnit was the author.

The scene, described in Men Explain Everything to Me (Caltrex editor), and signed by Solnit, is the so-called “man’s running”, when men explain what is self-evident to women, as if they were incapable of understanding concepts per se .

In addition to “bropiar,” when a man steals other women’s ideas or arguments, the terms show how historically they can be erased in science and their work stolen.

Last week, psychologist Valesca Zanello was the victim of a case that falls under this process. This is because he claimed his work was plagiarized by a psychology student, Joao Luis Márquez.

The content Marquez used discussed topics related to masculinity and toxic relationships. The next day, he submitted a letter in which he apologized and admitted to using his works without giving him due credit.

“The woman’s disappearance happens intellectually, in treatment and rights, and I made the same mistake, I admit it, I apologize and I give this text a promise, on my part, that this will not happen again,” says Marquez’s text.

The Bed sheet He contacted the university, but received no response.

Zanello comments that the posture is a good example of how structural virility works. After what happened, she said she had received messages from women who said they had experienced the same suffering. Among men, many flagged it in posts, but with content plagiarized thinkers who expressed their support.

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“They were criticizing the boy who stole literature, but they just stole other women. This shows how much we need to discuss this structural masculinity, because it is so ingrained that it is invisible to men,” he says. “Being invisible to them does not remove the damage to a woman’s mental health and work life.”

There are two types of copyright infringement, says OAB (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), the head of the National Copyright Commission (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), Sidney Sanches.

The first, called copying or slave reproduction, is the literal copying of a text or other intellectual or artistic content without giving credit for it to the author. The second is when a person changes the formatting of a text or work in an attempt to hide the original content and it is known as plagiarism.

For anthropologist and UnB (University of Brasília) professor Débora Diniz, what happened with Valeska Zanello is no stranger among violations of academic integrity.

“Plagiarism is a way of creating barriers for women,” she says. However, Denise says plagiarism is a “ridiculous” thing, because today there are programs that can detect when a text is stolen.

For Denise, the main ways to silence women in science are primarily through visibility and recognition. He mentions a very common case that occurs in the order of authoring a scientific article.

“The first author is the one who runs, the one who wrote the most, thought the research and perfected it,” he says. “In practice, what happens is the first author becomes the laboratory owner or principal investigator, but not necessarily the person who has worked the most.”

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An anthropologist says, in science, that the order of authorship is important, for example, to demand new money. “Depending on the region, this may be related to the number of articles for which the woman was the first author. It is silenced, becomes naturalized and the woman ends up disappearing.”

For psychologist Lavinia Palma, situations like those experienced by Valesca happen and must continue, because despite the fact that women have conquered places in work and academia, the social structure has not yet changed. “The women’s space is still home. She goes out to work but doesn’t leave the role of the mother. The public space still belongs to the men,” he says.

The reduced reference may not have been reported in the history and science of female characters, as shown in work by researchers Paola Pelisoli, Mayara Dalpiaz, and Claris Portela, graduate students in the arts at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology in Rio Grande. SOL (International Financial Reporting Standards). ).

“Erasure is often of the kind that becomes visible. This makes any more attentive researcher wonder whether the absence is due to the lack of women in a particular area, or to the abandonment and contempt of the dominant group. In general, the second option is more common,” Portela explains.

Sanchez, of the OAB, also advocates the need for historical reparations to do justice to authors, researchers, artists, and writers who have not received due recognition for their work.

An example is the chemist and the first to discover the double strand of DNA (the molecule that makes up the genetic material of living things), Rosalind Franklin.

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She was a graduate student at King’s College London (ING) when she was able to take the famous image of double helix matter using X-rays.

Two fellow students, James Watson and Francis Crick, posted the photo without Franklin’s permission and without giving credit for it, and they are still remembered to this day as the scientists who “discovered” the structure of DNA.

In other cases, silencing is not just about grabbing discoveries, but the fact that women fall into the shadows of famous men. One of the cases that IFRS investigators investigated was Mileva Maric, the first wife of the most famous physicist of the 20th century, German Albert Einstein.

“The fact that Einstein’s wife was also a physicist, or that she did such related work, is not public knowledge,” Portella and colleagues say.

This erasure of women causes a lack of a feminine outlook in the cultural and scientific construction of our society, she said. “Often what is considered normal is the result of a secular construct based on a male-dominated view,” Portella says.

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