Xavi: “It is legitimate that Marquez is ready to lead Barcelona”

Xavi: “It is legitimate that Marquez is ready to lead Barcelona”

Responding to Rafa Marquez's statements and his desire to become Barcelona coach, Xavi said his willingness to achieve that was natural and legitimate.

Barcelona — Savi The countdown has begun. With the season over in four months, he will leave the coaching job to someone else. Coach of BarcelonaMexican recently applied for this Rafa MarquezThe Barça coach considered it more legitimate and natural.

In a press conference, Savi To his surprise, he assured her that he had begun to say goodbye Barcelona “At the beginning of the season”, despite the official nature of his renewal Coach This happened in September.

“I have the feeling that we are not respected, no matter what we do, we will not be respected,” lamented the Catalan coach, who declared himself “liberated and in a very good mood.” Not the best.

“We know what the situation is at the club, we know when we come in, it's one of the most difficult moments in history and we've endured all the pressure … but you see little by little that everything that happens builds up. Wear and tear, you realize that what you've done is not worth it,” he said. He reiterated, recalling that this was a recurring vice at Barça.

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“I talked about it with Pep (Guardiola) or Valverde. I saw firsthand what happened to Luis Enrique. It's a horrible situation because you can't enjoy what you love the most. “Every moment they make you suffer,” he determined… However, Don't want to personalize or mention anyone in particular.

What would you say to your replacement? She was asked. His answer was clear: “Let whoever comes enjoy it. Things are going to happen to him.”

The name appeared Rafa Marquez And the manner in which he ran for office was received with displeasure Barcelona. “Rafa is a friend… maybe what he said was taken out of context or poorly expressed,” Xavi hid and closed with the kind words: “What he said was ultimately Legal and natural That's it getting ready One day training can be done Barcelona“.

“The fans have encouraged me and have done so these days; the response from the locker room has been overwhelming, the trust and support of the club has been total,” he said, noting that the media had “nothing. Ever bought from me.”

“When I say we are under construction, it kills me and there are criticisms when I remember that this is not the Barça of 2010. I have the feeling that nothing has been bought here because we didn't win the league with 14 points. We don't give the youth an advantage or a way… always the same thing. There is,” he denounced, calling on them to adapt to all circumstances.

“I have always, always, put the club first. I don't make excuses, I adapt to the situation of every moment and try to do the best,” he explained.

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“I think, objectively and honestly, we've done a good job. It's true that we haven't dropped as much as we expected this year, but we still have time to have a good season.”

In this sense, the speech, mixed with sadness and condemnation, is a good season. We can fight in the league and we are very excited about the Champions League.”

“I am very motivated because I have a lot of enthusiasm and energy,” he reiterated, highlighting his commitment to the youth of the youth team. “That's one of the positive things we're going to leave behind. We've given a chance to a lot of young people at the club who should be the future and even the present. Even if it didn't happen. It will be appreciated.”

He will be leaving in June…forever? “No. I don't know, but I don't rule out coming back in the future. I'm always a club man and Barça will have me whenever they need me.”

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