Yaboselli and Campazzo inaugurate Madrid and knock Baskonia out of the cup

Yaboselli and Campazzo inaugurate Madrid and knock Baskonia out of the cup

Andto Baskonia He will not be in the matchmaking draw on the 15th Malaga King's Cup. After a win Lenovo TenerifeHe needed to win, or lose at most by one point, to qualify, but his attempt to catch the train at the last minute was in vain. Not because of a lack of desire and ambition as much as it is because of… Real Madrid's success Who nailed it to a tremendous start (17-35, minute 10). The final installment may be charged after the break.

Yabusili 26 points (17 in the first quarter) And 6/8 three times He led the madridista's impressive attack (who scored 17/31 hat-tricks), with good support Musa (20 points, 3/9 threes) And a Campazzo A brilliant performance took control of the match as Baskonia pressed hard after the break (64-68, minute 28). From that moment until the end, the Argentine goalkeeper controlled the match. Scoring 14 points out of 20 points And he made futile the efforts of his rival, who was forced to do so Monique (15+5), Miller McIntyre (15+5) and Howard (16 with 4/11 threes) As the most prominent players. But I miss it Costello (7+6)which was quickly laden with errors.

Madrid start, perfect

The beginning of the match Madrid It was perfect. On the attack Yabosili He collapsed with Four triads To push his team who had already broken the game after seven minutes 5/7 Trilogy (6-24, min. 7). on the contrary Baskonia is irregular regardless (1/12 field goal at this height). The trilogy Rogkavopoulo, Marinkovic And Chioza They brought their people out of coma (14-26, minute 9), but YabosiliWith two more triples he stopped the reaction (17-35, minute 10).

he BaskoniaFor some inexplicable reason, Play the entire first act without MonekeTheir best player. He came out in the second and blew his team ahead as well Good direction Chioza. he Partial 14-4 He certainly succeeded in bringing the Vitorians fully into the game (31-39, minute 13). The Whites' second unit, which included Campazzo (Alusin started), Llull, Abalde, Ndiaye and Poirier, was not doing well.

Three shots from Campazzo

Madrid, despite everything, momentarily stitched up the wound Three wonderful shots from the Argentine goalkeeper (31-45, minute 16). But the Basconistas did not give up their efforts Miller McIntyre, Monique and Howard They pulled one back again before the break (43-51, minute 20), Which Yabosili reached 20 points and 5/7 triples.

On appeal contemplation First and Alocin and Yabusili Then they monopolized Madrid's attack (52-62, minute 25). Miller MacIntyre doggedly led the resistance of the Basconistas, who opposed the victory. (64-68, minute 28).

“El Facu” takes over the party

They never got their ticket to the concert Del Rey CupBut it was snatched from his hands immeasurably Campazzowhich he pointed out 11 of his 20 points came in the fourth quarter In which the eggs were laid Four more trios (17 in total), One of them is from Temporary calmthe killer out of necessity, after giving the ball into the corner of the board (78-99). It had been several minutes since Baskonia had clearly surrendered to its rival's superiority. Their rowdy fans will be greatly missed in the Malaga Cup.

data sheet:

85 – Baskonia (20+23+23+19): Miller McIntyre (16), Howard (16), Raist (-), Sedikirskis (7) and Costello (7) – starting five – Kotsar (2), Rojkavopoulos (3), Marinkovic (11), Diop (-) and Monike ( 15).

99- Real Madrid (35+16+22+26): Alusin (5), Hezonia (10), Musa (20), Yabusele (26) and Tavares (2) – starting with five goals, Abalde (5), Llull (5), Causeur (-), Poirier (4), Campazzo ( 20) Ndiaye (-).

the reviewer: Antonio Conde, Rafael Serrano and Arnau Padros. They eliminated local Costello due to personal fouls (37th minute). They called a technical foul against Tavares (minute 27).

Accidents: The match was held, as part of the 17th day of the Endesa League, at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria, in front of 15,313 spectators, without tickets. Sergi Llull equals Felipe Reyes' record as the player who has worn the most Real Madrid shirt, with 1,046 matches.

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