Yalitza Aparicio admits that she suffers from melasma, a disease of her skin People | Entertainment

Yalitza Aparicio admits that she suffers from melasma, a disease of her skin  People |  Entertainment

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, he denied the perfect skin of celebrities.

In a nearly 14-minute video, the Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio She admitted to her followers with a skin condition she suffers from known as chloasma.

It is a form of hyperpigmentation that appears on the face, especially on the cheeks, back of the nose, forehead, upper lip, and sometimes on other parts of the body exposed to the sun.

The audiovisual division posted it yesterday, about questions asked by followers about the ideal skin of celebrities.

“As far as whether celebrity skin is perfect, in my opinion I can tell you that celebrity skin isn’t, because it is You have suffered for a long time from various things, and I think we all have gone through phases in which your complexion changes but we rarely notice them The award-winning protagonist said to these that we consider small changes Rome.

He mentioned some sites that were starting to appear at the end of the tour RomeBut she ignored the belief that it was the result of acne. Over time, the spots took over a large portion of his face, he says.

“The mistake we could make is wanting to find a solution right away,” said Aparicio, who assumed that the appearance of the stains was his fault for not exercising proper caution. Then he took the opportunity to invite his followers to use sunscreen.

He suggested, “The only thing I can recommend is that you see a skincare professional.”

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He said about the melasma that he suffers from: “Many people think that because my skin is brown and it shouldn’t have spots, but I tell them that even if we have this skin tone, we are susceptible to melasma.” (I am)

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