Parliament asks the government to create a new health center for Cascante

Parliament asks the government to create a new health center for Cascante

The Parliament of Navarre, Unanimously, asked yesterday Government of Navarre Through Navarra Suma’s proposal granting work to prepare the project for a new construction clinic about Cascante Throughout 2021, as well as the start of construction work.

In submitting the proposal, responsible for Navara Som, The budget commitment obtained in 2020 was called in and the limitation of the grant was highlighted without adequate space or infrastructure for adequate care. In the explanatory note, the decision refers to the budget commitment gained to build a new health center in Cascante during 2020, confirms the request of the primary care team and public representatives of the city and reiterates the aging of the infrastructure which, also in terms of dimensions and energy efficiency, is not sufficient to provide the correct medical care. .

In light of this inaction and the lack of a starting point for him at Navara’s General Budgets By 2021, the need to provide the core district of Kaskant with a new health center has been emphasized, among other things, that allows for “continuous and urgent care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the reference of the entire population”.

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