Yani Rosenthal attends the opposition meeting with Xiomara Castro

Yani Rosenthal attends the opposition meeting with Xiomara Castro

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The Presidential Candidate for the Liberal Party, Yanni RosenthaOn Monday, he attended the opposition meeting called by the Speaker of Parliament Freedom and Re-Establishment (Free) Party, Xiomara Castro, To refine the first details of a possible party alliance for the general elections on November 28 this year.

Rosenthal, accompanied by several members of his campaign team, arrived at a hotel in the capital, where a meeting between liberals and free people is already taking place.

Rosenthal wrote on his Facebook account after arriving at the meeting with: “People are demanding it and the mathematics is clear. Our alliance exceeds the number of votes in the ruling party. This is our chance to make history.” Xiomara Castro.

Earlier, the liberal candidate said that they had achieved the unity of the movement and “now the opposition coalition continues.” In addition, he emphasized that only in this way would it be possible to bring about positive change in Honduras.

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After the results of the last primaries on March 14 were officially announced, a party candidate took over Free party, Xiomara Castro, He called on opposition leaders to form a new coalition National party In the general elections for November this year.

“We will unite with the former candidates of the Free Party, and I invite you next Monday to start dialogue between the opposition parties,” he said. Sue Rosenthal, Luis Zelaya, Salvador Nasrallah, “To form the coalition that will defeat the dictatorship and re-establish the country,” said the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya.

Nasrallah and Mendes are not attending

Leader The Salvador Honduran Party (PSH), Salvador NasrallahHe said that the alliances that Honduras needs must be held by legitimate actors in society, with an assurance that it will not attend such an invitation launched by Manuel Zelaya.

“In the coming days, we will extend an invitation to all Hondurans who want to join a true and great unity alliance. It is a call to the living forces in the country, clean and bright, who want dialogue,” Nasrallah said in a statement published on Monday.

For his part, the Former Home Current candidate in Free Honduras for the Freedom and Re-establishment Party, Wilfredo MendesAt the time, he would attend the meeting called by Xiomara Castro, but he backed off this Monday.

“I will not attend the meeting called by candidate Xiomara Castro today, because the initial conditions in which we were called have changed.
“It was a meeting to bring together all the political leaders of the opposition,” Mendez said.

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