“Toño” Rivera on the occasion of admitting defeat to Oliva: “He is a gentleman”

“Toño” Rivera on the occasion of admitting defeat to Oliva: “He is a gentleman”

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

distance National Electoral Council (CNE) will reveal in the past hours the first official results of the presidential level Primary elections at HondurasNational Movement candidate Together we canAnd the Mauricio OlivaI realized the trend isIrreversibleAnd that Nasri Ashura It will be a candidate National party In the general elections in November.

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Given this, it is movement A bird, The Unity and hopeThe leaders of this trend admitted. “Bravery“ Y “chivalrous” From Oliva, President National Senate. Oliva It gets, for now, on 26% Of the votes in that party.

Image of Antonio Rivera Callejas, Leader Unity and hope And vice president National Senate, He said that Tweets From Oliva HerreraIn which he recognized the victory of Asfoura, the current mayor of the Arab Republic of Egypt Central Districtl, “to him Unusual and described him as a gentleman“.

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He continued, “He is a gentleman in his personal and political life. He shows it again. To say that this trend is irreversible is admirable.” Unity and hope Y jTogether we can They ran multiple ad disputes on Sunday even during Election Day, when both streams claimed to be the winners.

“Our party is on its way to unity,” he says. Rivera Callejas’s photo, In reference to an integrator National partyFacing the general elections in November, this political establishment will seek to unify a fourth term in power executive Honduras.

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Rivera Caljas described in the news: “This is so much fun for the party” TodayAfter viewing the remarks Oliva Herrera. “It shows who he is. Good luck, great Honduran politician,” he says.

Rivera Caljas, one of the men closest to A birdAnd a hypothetical national candidate, he said, “As of today, Unity and hope; Now we all go with the Blue Flag of the National Party. “

Finally, he said, the National Party should “thank Mauricio Oliva, for accepting the results speaks of its moral qualities.”

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