Yes, smelling food makes you fat according to science

Yes, smelling food makes you fat according to science

While we think of breathingthe smell of food I will not get fat, the truth is completely different, as scientists at the University of Berkeley (California) testify. Because he subjected several groups of mice to a diet of very fatty fast food and distributed it in equal amounts to each rodent, the scientists came to the end of the discovery, to say the least. Amazing.

Because after several weeks of experiments, the researchers noticed with astonishment that the odorless mice gained only 10% of their initial weight, while the mice whose olfactory abilities were more developed doubled in weight and even tripled in size.

To take the study even further, the scientists were able to make the fattest mice lose weight while maintaining the same high-calorie diet. Likes? Or what? Temporarily eliminate the odor of rodents smelling more by injecting a toxin. From there, the mice were able to lose all the fat that was produced during the experiment, and return to their state Initial weights, maintaining the same very rich consumption style.

Deprived of smell, the brain stops storing fat

Enough to show it when the brain odorless, confuses and stops storing fat. he is too brain and theSniff In fact, they are related, and even more so in terms of functions associated with appetite and metabolism, explained Céline Riera, co-author of the research. This study is one of the first to show how, if we genetically manipulate smell, it is possible to modify the way the brain perceives and regulates our energy and calorie needs. “All in all, a neuroscientist is alarming about the limitations of this experiment” People who don’t have a sense of smell can get depressed very quickly. They lose all pleasure in eating. ».

Loss of smell can lead to depression.

But be careful. While the note may seem tempting at first glance, it creates temporary cures meant for the people in it overweight can finish dangerous >> adjective. And for good reason, many reports have shown that some people who have lost their olfactory abilities due to various factors, such as old age, illness or consequences, can develop depression.

In addition, the level of norepinephrine in odor-deprived mice was dangerously elevated, while an increase in this hormone in the nervous system could follow Heart attack When it reaches a very high level.

it’s dangerous depression, that it Heart attackThere is no doubt that such treatment can have dire consequences for the people who will suffer from it. So let’s not risk it, and prefer following the balanced eating programs recommended by health professionals, but also regular physical activity, and adopting a healthy lifestyle to look good on our skin, while keeping our spirits up.

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